Hermes 450


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The Hermes 450 is a single engine system with advanced composite structure and optimized aerodynamics. Advanced avionics enable autonomous flight and precise GPS navigation. Fully redundant systems significantly increase reliability. Target detection and recognition are performed by gimbaled, electro-optical, state of the art payloads. The UAV is equipped with sophisticated communication systems transferring imagery in real time to ground control stations.
The Hermes 450 is the latest generation and most advanced UAV deployed with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Already operational for some time, the 450s have successfully completed acceptance tests and established the highest standards of reliability, availability and maintainability in their class.
The success of the Hermes 450, in anti-terror missions among others, has led to follow-on orders from the Israeli Ministry of Defense.
The Hermes 450 UAV meets intelligence requirements for ground forces, supplying real time battlefield data around the clock. It also assists in locating enemy targets and adjust artillery fire.

Ground Control Station

Main Features
    Mission planning, management & control 
    Built-in data exploitation and dissemination 
    Full mission debriefing & simulation 
    Identical and redundant consoles 
    Single operator, advanced HMI 
    Ruggelized COTS H/W 
    Commercial S/W tools 
    Common GCS / DGCS (Down-sized GCS) to Hermes A/V family 
    Interoperability - STANAG optional 
    S-280 or downsize mobile station  
    Ruggelized COTS H/W
Main Features
    Max. mission radius:  200 km
    Max. endurance:  20 h
    Operational altitude:  18 kft
    Max. speed: 95 kts 
    Cruise speed:  70 kts
    Stall speed:  42 kts
    Max. rate a climb:  900 fpm
    Technical data
    Wing span:  10.5 m
    Fuselage length:  6.1 m
    Takeoff weight:  450 kg
    Max. usable fuel:  105 kg
    Max. payload weight:  150 kg
    Payload volume:  300 liters
    Payload power available:  1.6 kw
    Total engine power:  52 hp @ 9,000 RPM
    最大任务半径:  200 公里
    最大持久性:  20 小时
    操作高度:  18 千英尺
    最大速度: 95 节
    巡航速度:  70 节
    失速速度:  42 节
    最大爬升率:  900 每分钟英尺(fpm)
    A high wing, V tail optimal aerodynamic configuration
    Light composite structure
    UEL AR-80-1010 rotary engine with a pusher propeller
    Redundant flight computer avionics and power supply
    Fully autonomous flight with in-flight redirection
    Optional DGPS automatic take-off and landing
    UEL AR-80-1010旋缸发动机使用一具推进螺旋浆
Hermes 450
“赫尔墨斯”(Hermes) 450

Surveillance & Reconnaissance and Target Acquisition operative UAV
450-500 kg take off weight with 150 kg of payload, 24-30 hrs endurance, 20,000 ft altitude and 200 km range. This is a twin engine configuration of Hermes 450S, utilizing 2 AR 741UEL engines delivering 76 hp total. Payload capability: Optronic, SIGINT, ECM, SAR.
450-500公斤起飞重量和150公斤负载,24-30小时续飞时间,20,000英尺高度和200公里航程。这是“赫尔墨斯”(Hermes)450S型的一种双发动机配置,利用2台AR 741UEL发动机提供总额76马力。负载能力:光电、SIGINT、电子干扰和合成孔径雷达(SAR)。
 Hermes 450S
Surveillance & Reconnaissance and Target Acquisition operative UAV
450 kg take-off weight with up to 150 kg of payload, 20 hrs endurance, 20,000 ft altitude and 200 km range. The system utilizes modern avionics and the AR 80-1000, 52 hp UEL engine.
450公斤起飞重量和达到150公斤的负载,20小时续飞时间,20,000英尺高度和200公里航程。系统利用现代化的航空电子设备和AR 80-1000,52马力UEL发动机。

Hermes 450 ‘officially' in service
Speculation by the press and ‘smoke screens' put up by the Israeli Air Force (IAF) can be confirmed and cleared respectively, the GPS-guided Hermes 450 tactical long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is in service with the IAF' s 200 Sqn - dedicated to UAVs - based 20 miles south of Tel Aviv. 
Produced by Elbit/Silver Arrow of Israel, Hermes 450 joins the Searcher 2 , manufactured by IAI/MALAT, at the squadron in operational duty. 
Although Hermes 450 has a 20-hour endurance and a ceiling of 18,000 ft, there is, according to Israeli Defence Force sources, still a necessity in future operations for UAVs which surpass both these specifications. Baring this in mind, both companies are also continuing to development medium altitude long endurance (MALE) UAVs. In an attempt to meet this future requirement, Elbit/Silver Arrow is working on its twin-engined Hermes 1500 and IAI/MALAT, the Heron 1.

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