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The PL-9 is a short-range, infrared-homing air-to-air missile (AAM) developed by the People's Republic of China. It was originally designed by Dong Bingyin (董秉印) at the Luoyang Electro Optical Center (also known as Institute 612 and renamed in 2002 as the China Air-to-Air Guided Missile Research Institute [中国空空导弹研究院]). After Mr.Dong Bingyin died, his position was succeeded by Mr. Jin Xianzhong (金先仲). The deputy general designer of PL-9 is the same deputy general designer of PL-12, Dr. Liang Xiaogeng (梁晓庚).
PL-9是中华人民共和国研制的短程红外寻的空对空导弹(AAM)。它最初是由洛阳电光学中心(又称612研究所)的董秉印(Dong Bingyin)设计的,并于2002年更名为中国空空导弹研究院[China Air-to-Air Guided Missile Research Institute]。董秉印先生去世后,金先仲先生继任职务。PL-9的副总设计师与PL-12的副总设计师的同一位梁晓庚(Liang Xiaogeng)博士。
The PL-9C is one of the latest versions of the PL-9, which also has a surface-to-air variant (DK-9). The PL-9C tactical low-altitude surface-to-air missile (SAM) was first revealed during the 1989 Paris Air Show. The launch unit is available in both towed and self-propelled arrangement. The self-propelled version has a launch complex consisting four-rail launcher and the associated target acquisition and radar and electro-optical director mounted on a 6X6 WZ551 armored personnel carrier (APC). The towed version has a four-rail launcher mounted on a four-wheel carriage. The launch unit is supported by a range of truck-mounted ground equipment for maintenance and missile testing.
PL-9C是PL-9的最新型号之一,它还具有地对空改型(DK-9)。PL-9C战术低空地对空导弹(SAM)于1989年巴黎航展上首次亮相。发射装置有牵引式和自行式两种。自行式导弹有一个发射装置,由四轨发射器和相关的目标捕获以及雷达和光电指示器组成,安装在6X6 WZ551装甲运兵车(APC)上。牵引式型号在四轮车架上安装了四轨发射器。发射装置由一系列用于维护和导弹测试的车载地面设备支持。

The missile is fitted with a cryogenic liquid nitrogen gas-cooled IR seeker capable of +/-40 degree off boresight angles. Flight control is by long span pointed delta fins at the front of the missile with Sidewinder-type slipstream driven rollerons on the aft tail fin surfaces to prevent roll and so enhance the operation of the guidance system. The missile has a maximum effective range of 35 km and an altitude limit of 6.5 km. The single-shot hit probability for a single missile launch at an approaching target is 90%. The missile can be used at a stand alone system, or as a part of the Type 390 (DK-9) brigade (regiment)-level combined AAA/SAM air defence system. The missile entered production in 1991 and saw limited service with the PLA ground forces.
该导弹装有能与视轴角成+/- 40度的低温液氮冷式红外导引头。飞行控制是通过在导弹前部配备大跨距尖角三角鳍,并在尾部鳍尾表面上使用响尾蛇式滑流驱动滚转翼来防止滚动,从而增强制导系统的运行。该导弹的最大有效射程为35公里,高度限制为6.5公里。在接近目标时单发导弹的单发命中率为90%。该导弹可用于独立系统,也可作为390(DK-9)旅(团)级AAA/SAM联合防空系统的一部分使用。该导弹于1991年开始生产,仅在中国人民解放军(PLA)地面部队服役。
Type Short-range air-to-air missile
Place of origin People's Republic of China
Production history
Manufacturer Luoyang Electro-Optics Technology Development Centre (EOTDC),
Hanzhong Nanfeng Machine Factory
Weight 115kg (PL-9C)
Length 2.9m (PL-9C)
Diameter 0.157m (PL-9C)
Warhead 11.8kg blast-frag, or expanding rod (RF-fuse)
mechanism laser proximity fuse
Engine Solid-fuel rocket
Wingspan 0.856m (PL-9C)
range 22km (PL-9C, air to air), > 8km (surface to air)
Flight altitude 4.5km (surface to air)
Speed Mach 3+
system multi-element infrared
platform Aircraft, helicopter gunships, ground-launched
原产地  中华人民共和国
制造商  洛阳光电技术开发中心(EOTDC),
重量  115公斤(PL-9C)
长度  2.9米(PL-9C)
直径  0.157米(PL-9C)
战斗部  11.8公斤爆炸碎片或膨胀杆(射频引信)
起爆装置  激光近炸引信
发动机  固体燃料火箭
翼展  0.856米(PL-9C)
射程  22公里(PL-9C,空对空),> 8公里(地对空)
飞行高度  4.5公里(地对空)
速度  马赫3+
制导系统  多元素红外
发射平台  飞机,武装直升机,地面发射

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