China upgrading older DF-5A ICBMs with multiple warheads


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A close up of the warhead shroud of the new DF-5B ICBM, reported to be carrying three warheads. Source: via Top 81 Web Page



China's People Liberation Army (PLA) Rocket Force is upgrading its older liquid-fuelled, silo-based Dong Feng-5A (DF-5A, or CSS-4 Mod 2) intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) to carry multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicles (MIRV), according to US government sources.
根据美国政府的消息来源,中国人民解放军(PLA)火箭部队正在升级其老式液体燃料、东风-5A型仓管式(东风-5A,或CSS-4 Mod 2)洲际弹道导弹(ICBM)去携带多弹头分导再入飞行器(MIRV)。

While not mentioning this missile, on 9 February in his annual 'World Wide Threat Assessment' for the US Senate Armed Services Committee, Director of National Intelligence James R Clapper stated that China "continues to modernise its nuclear forces by adding more survivable road-mobile systems and enhancing its silo-based systems".

That China has been observed replacing the DF-5A's former single warhead with three warheads "within the past several months" was first reported by The Washington Times on 10 February.

The new MIRV-equipped warhead bus being retrofitted to the DF-5A is probably the same as that on the MIRV-equipped DF-5B first displayed in China's 3 September 2015 military parade. Both the DF-5B and the upgraded DF-5A probably also carry penetration aids such as decoys and chaff to counter ballistic missile defences.
新的已经安装MIRV弹头载具的DF-5A型或等同于MIRV DF-5B型在2015年9月3日阅兵上首次展示。无论是DF-5B和升级的东风-5A可能还使用突防手段如诱饵和箔条去对抗反弹道导弹防御系统。

In its 2003 China Military Report to the US Congress the Pentagon stated that "China is replacing CSS-4 Mod 1 ICBMs with longer-range CSS-4 Mod 2s. The replacement of all the approximately 20 CSS-4 Mod 1s reportedly will be completed by mid-decade."
在面向美国国会的2003年中国军力报告称,“中国采用射程更远的CSS-4 Mod 2S型替换CSS-4 mod 1型洲际弹道导弹。全部约20枚CSS-4 MOD 1型据说将十年内完成更换。”

The 2009 'Cruise and Ballistic Missile Threat' report of the US Air Force's National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) stated that the PLA's CSS-4 Mod 2 inventory was "about 20".
美国空军国家航空航天情报中心(NASIC)2009年'巡航导弹和弹道导弹威胁'报告描述,中国人民解放军的CSS-4 Mod 2型库存为“大约20枚”。

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