Malaysian, Chinese firms partner on VTOL unmanned systems


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31 MARCH 2022
by Jon Grevatt
2022 年 3 月 31 日

The CW-40D VTOL UAS is intended for roles including ISR, search-and-rescue, and border patrol. The system was designed by Chinese firm Jouav. (Jon Grevatt/Janes)
CW-40D VTOL UAS(unmanned AeriaI system,无人机系统)适用于情报、监视、侦察(ISR)、搜救和边境巡逻等任务。该系统由中国公司成都纵横自动化技术有限公司(Jouav)设计。(乔恩·格雷瓦特/简氏)
Malaysian firm Malvus Sense has showcased new vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) that it is producing in collaboration with Chinese UAS firm Jouav for the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF).
马来西亚Malvus Sense公司展示了它与中国无人机系统 (UAS)中国公司成都纵横自动化技术有限公司(Jouav)合作为马来西亚武装部队(MAF)生产的新型垂直起降(VTOL)无人机系统(UAS)。
The new systems – including the long-endurance CW-40D and multi-purpose CW-100DA – were displayed at the Defence Services Asia (DSA) 2022 in Kuala Lumpur, which concludes on 31 March.
A representative from Malvus Sense said the Malaysian company and Jouav have been developing the two UASs, which both feature four rotors and one propeller, for the past two years. The representative added that the partnership plans to trial the systems soon to build on its already strong profile within the MAF.
Malvus Sense公司的一位代表表示,马来西亚公司和中国公司成都纵横自动化技术有限公司(Jouav)在过去两年中一直在开发两种无人机系统 (UAS),它们都具有四个转子和一个螺旋桨。该代表补充说,该伙伴关系计划很快试用这些系统,以巩固其在马来西亚武装部队(MAF)中已经很强大的形象。

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