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Photo:Type 091 Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine
    The PLA Navy operates five Type 091 (NATO codename: Han class) nuclear-powered attack submarines built by Huludao Shipyard in Liaoning Province between 1967 and 1990.. 16-02-04
Photo:Type 092 Nuclear-Powered Missile Submarine
    The Type 092 (NATO codename: Xia class) is China's first nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine. Developed from the Type 091 (Han class) attack nuclear submarine with a stretched hull, the Type 092 carries twelve 2,500km-range single-wa. 16-02-04
Photo:Type 093 Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine
    The Type 093 is the second-generation Chinese nuclear attack submarine (SSN) built by Huludao Shipyard in Huludao, Liaoning Province. The Type 093 programme originally began in the early 1980s, and its existence was first reported by Pentago. 16-02-04
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