Ba-9 (ASN-9) Target Drone


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The Ba-9 (also known as ASN-9 in its manufacturer name) is a radioplane target drone developed by Xi'an ASN Technology Group Company of Northwest Polytechnic University (NPU). The Ba-9 was designed for the training of navy antiaircraft artillery (AAA) crews on surface ships. The target drone is launched from a fixed launcher on the ship deck, with the assistance of the rocket booster, and recovered by parachute.



Wingspan: 2.82m
Length: 2.5m
Height: 0.72m
Weight: N/A
Speed: Maximum 250km/h
Range: N/A
Flight Endurance: 45~60 minutes
Service Ceiling: N/A
Remote Control Distance: 40km


翼展: 2.82 米
机长: 2.5 米
机高: 0.72 米
重量: N/A
速度: 最大 250 公里/小时
航程: N/A
续飞: 45~60 分钟
升限: N/A
遥控距离: 40 公里

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