Euromil Mi-38

德、法、俄合作Euromil Mi-38直升飞机

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Medium multi-purpose helicopter (mittelschwerer Mehrzweckhubschrauber)

Country (Land)

Germany/France/Russia (Deutschland/Frankreich/Russland)

Manufacturer (Hersteller)

Euromil is a joint-venture company of Eurocopter, Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant and Kazan Helicopter Plant.
欧洲米里(Euromil)公司是一家欧洲直升机公司、米里(Mil)莫斯科直升飞机厂和 喀山(Kazan)直升飞机厂的联合经营股份公司。

General (Allgemeine Angaben)
Crew (Besatzung): 2 or 1 for cargo flights
Passengers (Passagiere): 30 in lightweigt seats or 12 passengers in a VIP configuration
External load capacity (Außenlast): 6000 kg
外载荷能力:6000 公斤;

Power plant (Antrieb): 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127T/S (or later a Klimov VK-3000, a TV7-117 derivative)
Power (Leistung): 2 x 1865 kW (2500 shp) for take-off
Transmission rating (Getriebelimit): 3500 shp from a single engine
动力装置:2x普&惠加拿大PW127T/S(或稍后Klimov VK-3000,一个TV7-117派生);
动力:2x1865千瓦 (2500 shp)用于起飞;

Dimensions (Abmessungen)
Fuselage length (Rumpflänge): 19,95 m
Height (Höhe): 5,2 m to top of rotor head
Stabiliser span (Leitwerksspannweite): 4,20 m
Rotor diameter (Hauptrotordurchmesser): 21,10 m
Rotor disk area (Rotorkreisfläche): 349,7 sq m
Tail rotor diameter (Heckrotordurchmesser): 3,84 m
Tail rotor disk area (Heckrotorkreisfläche): 11,6 sq m
机身长度:19,95 m;
高度:5,2 m 到旋翼毂顶部;
稳定器跨距:4,20 m;旋翼直径:21,10 m;
旋翼浆盘面积:349,7 sq m;
尾部旋翼直径:3,84 m;
尾部旋翼浆盘面积:11,6 sq m;

Cabin length (Kabinenlänge): 6,8 m, excluding ramp
Cabin width (Kabinenbreite): 2,34 m
Cabin height (Kabinenhöhe): 1,8 – 1,85 m
Cabin volume (Kabinenvolumen): 29,5 cu m
舱室长度:6,8 m,不包括跳板;
舱室宽度:2,34 m;
舱室高度:1,8–1,85 m;
舱室容积:29,5 cu m。

Weights (Massen)
Max. payload (max. Nutzlast): 5000 kg
Sling load (Außenlast): 6000 kg
Normal take-off weight (normale Startmasse): 14200 kg
Max. take-off weight (Max. Startmasse): 15600 kg
最大有效载荷:5000 公斤;
起吊载荷:6000 公斤;
正常起飞重量:14200 公斤;
最大起飞重量:15600 公斤。

Performance (Flugleistungen)
Max. level speed (max. Geschwindigkeit): 275 km/h
Cruise speed (Reisegeschwindigkeit): 250 km/h
Service ceiling (Dienstgipfelhöhe): 6500 m
Hover ceiling (Schwebeflughöhe):
   - out of ground effect (ohne Bodeneffekt): 2500 m
Range (Reichweite):
   - 325 km with 5000 kg payload, 30 min reserves
   - 530 km with 4500 kg payload, 30 min reserves
   - 800 km with 3500 kg payload, 30 min reserves
   - 1300 km with 1800 kg payload, 30 min reserves
最大水平速度:275 km/ h;
巡航速度:250 km/h;
实用升限:6500 m;
盘旋升限:有地面效应:2500 m
   - 5000公斤有效载荷 325 km,30 分钟保留
   - 4500公斤有效载荷 530 km,30 分钟保留
   - 3500公斤有效载荷 800 km,30 分钟保留
   - 1800公斤有效载荷 1300 km,30 分钟保留

Costs (Preise)
A price of around 11 million Dollars was mentioned in mid-2003.
Development investment was said to be some 500 million Dollars by mid-2003. the programme is supported by the Russian government, but most of the money must come from the companies itself.

Customers (Kunden)
None yet.
Euromil director Yablokov estimated the maximum civil demand for the Mi-38 at about 300 helicopters, 200 of them in Russia and neighbouring countries. Much depends on sales to Russian oil and gas companies.
欧洲米里(Euromil)公司经理Yablokov 估计最大民用需求300架 Mi-38 直升飞机,其中200架是俄国和附近的国家。 很多依赖对俄国石油和天然气公司的销售。

Competitors (Konkurrenz)
EH Industries EH101
Sikorsky S-92
欧洲直升机工业公司(EH Industries Ltd,EHI)EH101

Remarks (Bemerkungen)
The Mi-38 was conceived as a successor to the Mi-17, featuring a six-blade rotor and modern equipment like CRTs in the cockpit. Variants for the Russian market and export are conceived, to supplement the Eurocopter range of helicopters.
The partners of Euromil have shared development and production tasks as follows:
  • Mil: originally, Mil was to handle development and flight testing, but due to financial constraints, some work was taken on by Kazan, including final assembly of the prototype and first flight
  • Eurocopter: leads the flight-deck design, avionics integration and passenger accommodation-related work
  • Kazan: manufactures fuselage and rotor blades and will undertake final assembly
Subcontractors include Krasny Oktyabr for the transmission and Stupino for the rotor head. For the Russan market, a new Klimov engine is planned, but this needs to be certified first.


分包人包括Krasny Oktyabr制造变速箱和Stupino制造旋翼毂(rotor head)。对于俄罗斯市场,计划采用一个新的Klimov发动机,但是这需要首先进行检定。

History (Geschichte)
Mil began design of the Mi-38 in 1983 and showed a model at the Paris Air Show in 1989. At that time, a mock-up already existed.
0n 18 December 1992, Eurocopter agreed to integrate the flight deck and adapt the helicopter for international markets. A framework agreement was signed by Eurocopter, Mil, Kazan and Klimov. At that time, deliveries were expected in 1999.
米里(Mil)莫斯科直升飞机厂在1983年开始了Mi-38 的设计,而且1989年在巴黎航展上展览了一个模型。在当时,一个实验或教学用的实物大模型已经存在。

The Euromil joint-stock company was finally formed on 29. September 1994. Mil, Kazan and Eurocopter each own 33 per cent of Euromil.
Work was slowed by the Russian financial crisis in the second half of the 90s. By mid 1997, construction of the fuselage and the rotor blades had started at Kazan.
Reconfirmation of a restructured programme came on 18 August 1999, when a contract on the completion of a demonstrator was signed. At that time, a first flight was anticipated for the first half of 2001. Also, a contract with Pratt & Whitney Canada was concluded regarding delivery of the PW127T/S for the prototype and a first batch of 50 helicopters.
Euromil 股分公司最后决定成型加工在1994年9月29日开始。Mil、Kazan和欧洲直升机各自拥有33%的Euromil股份。
一项改结构再证实计划在1999年8月18日被提出,一份承包合同在一架样机模型完成的时候被签署。在当时,预期第一次飞行在2001年上半年进行。一份和普·惠加拿大公司承包合同用于交付PW127T/ S发动机,用来生产原型和最初第一批50架直升飞机。

In mid-2002, talks were of a first flight by the end of the year, but delays were possible due to the late delivery of the main gearbox. Pratt & Whintey engines were at the Kazan site by that time. The first prototype was then mostly complete early in 2003.
Eurocopter declared its intention to leave the Euromil consortium in July 2003, as due to new Russian laws it has to reduce its stake to below 25 per cent. By the time of the first flight, it seemed that this retreat was not formally concluded.
Rollout of the Mi-38 at Kazan was on 20 November 2003.
The Mi-38 took of for a five minute maiden flight (a hover) on 22 December 2003 at Kazan Helicopters airfield. Another flight was performed the next day.
Production of the Mi-38 could start in 2007.
There are plans for improved versions with take-off weight raised to 16500 kg and even 18000 kg with more powerful Klimov engines.

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