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Python 3 is a third generation short to medium range air-to-air missile adapted to the F-15, F-16, all types of Mirage, F-5, F-4 and Kfir C-2 and C-7 aircraft.

The Python 3 was rushed into service during the Lebanon War in 1982 , with pre-production rounds being tested in actual air-to-air combat against Syrian aircraft.  The conventional rod-type high-explosive warhead weighs 11 kg . It has a maximum range of about 15 kilometers and a maximum speed of Mach 3.5. The infrared seeker of the Python 3 has a plus or minus 30-degree gimbal angle and can be operated in boresight, uncaged, or radar-slaved mode. The Python 3 is claimed by Israel to have a speed, turning radius, and range superior to that of the AIM-9L Sidewinder. 
“蟒蛇”(Python)3在1982年黎巴嫩战争期间仓促进入服役,使用预生产导弹在对抗叙利亚飞机的实际空对空战斗中被测试。传统的杆-式高爆弹头重量11公斤。它最大射程大约15公里和最高飞行速度Mach 3.5。“蟒蛇”(Python)3的红外导引头有一个正负30度的万向架角并且能操作在瞄准线、开锁或雷达-从属模式。“蟒蛇”(Python)3被以色列宣称拥有超越AIM-9L“响尾蛇”(Sidewinder)的速度、回转半径和射程。

The missile upgrades the capability of its carrier and gives it air superiority in modern air combat scenarios, such as: 

    Head-on interceptions  
    Beam interceptions  
    Dogfights involving high-g maneuvers  
    Low-altitude interceptions of helicopters and light aircraft  
    Self-defense air combat during penetration missions.



Main Featurs

    All-aspect capability, including head-on interception  
    Effective against most evasive tactics  
    Capable of intercepting low-signature and low-altitude threats  
    15 km maximum effective range at high altitude  
    Active proximity fuze, based on lead bias navigation system  
    Highly efficient warhead  
    Versatile target acquisition modes, including slaving to advanced radar system  
    Reliability greater than 95%  
    Full ILS, including combat doctrine manual, training and ground support equipment    


    可靠性大于 95%

The Python 3, air-to-air missile, has intercepted dozens of Syrian planes. In Lebanon War (1982) more than 50 enemy planes were destroyed with Python 3 missiles. The pilot can launch the missile only after steering his plane at the enemy plane at a 30 degree cone. 


295 cm
80 cm
15 cm
120 kg (战斗部(warhead) 11kg) 
制导类型(Guidance Type)
1 x spr. 
15 km
3.5 Mach


The PL-8 infrared homing short-range air-to-air missile is a Chinese licensed production version of the Israeli Python 3. China and Israel agreed on the deal of Python 3 technology and its licensed production in 1982, and the transfer began in September 1983. The first batch of the PL-8 rolled out between March 1988 and April 1989.

To streamline the design, development, manufacture, and marketing of the air-to-air missile, in the mid-1980s China integrated most of its air-to-air missile R&D teams and manufacturing facilities located in different regions into one AAM complex, known as Luoyang Electro-Optics Technology Development Centre (EOTDC) . The PL-8 became the first project undertaken by this centre. In 2002 the centre was rename as China Academy of Air-to-Air Missile after Shaanxi Hanzhong Air-to-Air Missile Factory (also known as Hanzhong Nanfeng Machine Factory) was relocated to Luoyang and merged with the centre.
去革新空对空导弹的设计、发展、制造和销售,在1980年中期整合它的多数空对空导弹R&D组和位于不同区域的生产设施到一个空对空导弹(AAM)联合体,即是洛阳(Luoyang)光电技术发展中心(EOTDC)。PL-8成为这一个中心第一个接手的计划。在2002年中心重新命名被称为中国空对空研究院,之后陕西汉中(Hanzhong)空对空导弹工厂(也即是汉中南丰(Hanzhong Nanfeng)机器厂)迁到洛阳而且同中心合并。

As China's first all-aspect infrared homing short-range air-to-air missile, the PL-8 is currently in service with the PLA Air Force and Naval Aviation Troops in a significant number. The later versions of PL-8 were reported to have been integrated with helmet-mounted sight (HMS) to improve the performance.被当做中国第一种全-方向红外导引头近距空对空导弹,PL-8现在以一个重要的数量在PLA空军和海军航空部队中服役。PL-8的较新型号据报道已经同头盔安装瞄准具(HMS)整合去改进性能。

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