QSW06 5.8mm Silenced Pistol


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QSW06 5.8mm silenced pistol (left) and QSZ92 5.8mm pistol (right)(Source: Chinese Internet) 
QSW06 5.8 毫米 无声手枪(左边)和QSZ92 5.8 毫米 手枪(右边)(来源: 中国英特网)
The QSW06 is the 5.8mm silenced pistol developed from the QSZ92 5.8mm pistol. The two pistols are almost identical in appearance and also share 60% components, but they are slightly different in their recoil operations. The QSW06 was developed in response to the PLA’s demand for a new silenced pistol to replace the ageing Type 67 7.62mm silenced pistol currently in service. Development of the QSW06 began in 2002 and the weapon passed its certification trial in late 2005. Currently the weapon is receiving extensive operational trials in the PLA before its design can be finalised.
QSW06是一种5.8毫米无声手枪从QSZ92 5.8毫米手枪发展。二把手枪几乎在外观是相同的以及共享60%组件,但是它们在它们的后座作用方式稍微不同。QSW06被发展适应PLA对一把新的无声手枪的要求去代替现在服役旧的型号67 7.62毫米无声手枪。QSW06的发展在2002年开始,而且武器在2005年后期通过了它的认证试验。目前在它的设计能够结束之前,武器正在接受PLA的广泛操作试验。
The QSW06 is a recoil-operated, semi-automatic weapon that fires the DCV05 5.8X21mm subsonic cartridge. If necessary, the weapon could also fire the standard DAP92 5.8X21mm pistol cartridge. The pistol uses a double-column, double-feeding box magazine that holds 20 rounds. Frame of the pistol is made from polymer.
QSW06是一种枪管后座式,半自动武器它能射击DCV05 5.8X21毫米亚音速弹药。如果必需,武器也可以射击标准DAP92 5.8X21毫米手枪弹药。手枪使用一种双排,双-馈进弹匣能存20发弹药。手枪的枪架是利用聚合物做成的。
The weapon is 195mm in length and weights less than 1kg when fully loaded with the suppressor attached. Unlike the QSZ92, the QSW06 uses a non-rotating barrel in its recoil operation. A detachable suppressor can be screwed onto the barrel. Front part of the frame under the barrel is shaped as an accessory rail to accept laser sights or flashlights. Fixed sights have luminous inserts for low light conditions. 
Calibre: 5.8mm
Length: 195mm (without suppressor)
Barrel length: 120mm 
Muzzle velocity: 895m/s
Weight: <1kg (loaded)
Magazine capacity: 20 rounds
Effective range: 50m
Cartridge: DCV05 5.8 X 21mm subsonic round or DAP92 5.8 X 21mm pistol round

口径: 5.8 毫米
长度: 195 毫米(没有消声器)
身管长度: 120 毫米
初速度: 895 米/秒
重量: <1 公斤(装填子弹)
弹匣容量: 20 发 弹药
有效射程: 50 米
弹药: DCV05 5.8X21 毫米 亚音速弹药或DAP92 5.8 X21 毫米 手枪弹药

QSW06 5.8mm silenced pistol(Source: BQZS) 
QSW06 5.8 毫米 无声手枪(来源: 兵器知识(BQZS))

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