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Israel needed new dependable and made by it self Light Machine Gun (LMG). In december 1946 Israel started to plan a factory for its LMG. Israel purchased the rights and tooling for the Johnson LMG from Winchester Arms company. 
以色列需要新的性能可靠而且由自己生产的轻机枪(LMG)。在1946年12月以色列开始去设计一个工厂用于制造生产自己的轻机枪。以色列认为来自温彻斯特武器公司(Winchester Arms company)詹森(Johnson)轻机枪合适,购买并且加工。 
Johnson LMG were used by the U.S.Marines and some Special U.S.Army units during World War 2.Winchester Arms company offered a position for Colonel Melvin Johnson after WW2, and buy all his tooling and design of his LMG from him.Johnson LMG在第二次世界大战期间被美国水兵和一些特别的美国陆军单位使用。温彻斯特武器公司在第二次世界大战(WW2)之后决定以陆军上校Melvin Johnson命名。以色列从他们那里购买轻机枪全部的工艺装置和设计。

Jonson LMG:
Weight:       10 kg 
Diameter:    0.30" (7.62mm)
Rate of fire:  250-150 (rd./min.)
重量:  10公斤
直径:  0.30"(7.62 mm)
In 1947 the tools and design to build the Dror LMG errived. But there were a few problems, one of the problems was that the measurements were in inch and not in millimeters but the main problem was  that the Israel had millions British 0.303" bullets that Israel collected over the years by hard work. Because of this the earlier version of the Dror LMG were specially made to operate with British 0.303" bullets, this version of the Dror LMG had a magazine feed tray on the side like the American Johnson LMG and had its own special 0.303" magazine.

Dror LMG were ready in 1948  with half round mags with capacity of 20 bullets, this models had some problems. And have send back to the factory to continue with it developments. Dror LMG weren't ready in time to perticipate in War of Independence (1948), Dror LMG samples were send to field test in 1950.
Dror 轻机枪在1948年准备就绪,用于使用的每个弹夹具有装载20发子弹的能力,这一个模式有一些问题。并且退还到工厂去继续用于它的发展。Dror轻机枪还没及时准备好用于独立战争(1948)使用,Dror轻机枪试样是在1950年送到有关场地测试。

Dror LMG is recoil, not gas actuated and shoots semi-automatically from a closed bolt and full auto from an open bolt.

Johnson LMG was gas-operated and the Dror LMG was more reliable because it was recoil operated,the Dror LMG is considerably lighter than Jonson LMG and like the Johnson rifle the Dror LMG have quick change barrels.
詹森轻机枪是气体操作,而Dror轻机枪采用更可靠反冲操作,Dror轻机枪明显比詹森轻机枪轻,如同詹森步枪Dror LMG轻机枪可以快速更换枪管。

In the years 1947 and 1948 Dror LMG were produced underground workshops by Hagannah and later openly by Israel.
在1947年的年中和1948 Dror轻机枪被以色列一处秘密车间生产,而且稍后被以色列公开。

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          In 1947 the tools and blueprints for the Dror LMG were ready. But there were some setbacks that precluded initial production. The rounds were calibrated in inches, not millimeters.... [2016-01-29]