PRC-145A HF Digital Radio

中国PRC-145A HF数字无线电

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The PRC-145A 125W HF digital radio is designed for tactical mobile communication in the field. It can be used on fixed ground station or in vehicles. The system provides a multi-function digital signal processing platform, where different functions such as frequency-hopping, ALE, parallel 39 tone MODEM, serial tone MODEM can be performed by changing the built-in software. The radio can be used for transmission of voice and data, and has anti-jamming capability.

PRC-145A 125W HF数字无线电,设计用于战场上战术移动通信。它能在固定站点或在车辆中使用。系统提供一个多功能数字信号处理平台,不同的功能例如跳频(frequency-hopping)、自动链路建立(ALE)、并联39 tone(这里的tone代表一个固定频率的声音片断)调制解调器(MODEM)、系列tone调制解调器能被内建软件变换运行。无线电能用于语音和数据传输,而且有反干扰能力。

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