Satellite Communications Command Post


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The PLA has been utilising satellite communications (SATCOM) in its C3I system since the early 1990s. Currently the PLA ground forces are deploying a mobile SATCOM command post that can feed voice and data transmissions back into the headquarters from anywhere across the country. The command post can be used as a part of an integrated SATCOM command and control network.


The command post is carried in a workshop mounted on a 6X6 cross-country truck. The workshop is divided into equipment compartment at front, and passenger compartment in the rear. The passenger compartment is air-conditioned to provide a suitable environment for the equipment and staffs. A SATCOM antenna radome is mounted on the roof of the workshop.


The command posts consists of a number of subsystems, including satellite communications, antenna control, video conference, surveillance TV, IP telephone, and power supply. The vehicle can serve as a stand-along mobile command post, or as a C3I terminal to transmit voice and data to the theatre C3I centre. It also enables field officers in different locations to exchange information and receive orders from the theatre headquarters..


The mobile SATCOM command post in exercise.

The PLA has been using SATCOM as a part of its national and theatre C3I systems since the early 1990s.


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