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The Qiongsha class is the name given by NATO to the six troop transport ships introduced by the PLA Navy in the early 1980s. Similar to small passenger liners in appearance, the Qiongsha class were designed as a transport and logistic vessel in support of PLA troops stationed on the PRC-occupied islands in the South China Sea. The 2,150t vessel is equipped with two small landing crafts to unload troops and cargo, but cannot directly land troops on shore. All six hulls (Nanyun 830~835) were built in Guangzhou and are serving with the South Sea Fleet.

琼沙(Qiongsha)级是北约给PLA海军在1980年代早期引进的六艘运兵船的命名。在外表上类似小型定期客船,琼沙级设计当作一种运送和后勤船去支援在南海中国占领岛上的军队据点。2,150吨的船装备二艘小型登陆艇去卸载军队和货物,但是不能够直接地使军队登陆到海岸上。所有六艘船(南运(Nanyun) 830~835)在广州建造并且正在南海舰队服役。

In the early 1990s, the PLA Navy converted one of the Qiongsha class into a hospital ship. The vessel (hull Nanyun 832) was painted in white with the red cross painted on its funnel. At least another hull (Nanyun 833) has been subsequently converted into the same role.

在1990年早期,PLA海军改装琼沙(Qiongsha)级其中之一成一艘医疗船。 船(船身舷号 南运(Nanyun) 832)刷成白色在烟囱侧面画上红十字标记。至少另外的一艘(南运(Nanyun) 833)后来改装成相同的角色。



Hull No. Name Shipyard Fleet Launch IOC
830 Nanyun 830   South Sea    
831 Nanyun 831   South Sea    
832* Nanyun 832   South Sea    
833* Nanyun 833   South Sea    
834 Nanyun 834   South Sea    
835 Nanyun 835   South Sea    

* Converted into hospital ships



船体编号 命名 造船厂 舰队 下水


830 南运 830   南海    
831 南运 831   南海    
832* 南运 832   南海    
833* 南运 833   南海    
834 南运 834   南海    
835 南运 835   南海    



Displacement: (full load) 2,150t
Dimensions: length 86m; beam 13.4m, draft 1.39m
Propulsion: 3 diesels, 3,960 bhp; 3 shafts
Speed: 16 knots
Range: 3,000nm
Crew: 59
Capacity: 400 troops, or 350 tons cargo
Armament: 4 dual-14.5mm AAMG (not on hospital ships)


排水量: (满载)2,150 吨
尺寸: 长度 86 米;船宽 13.4 米;吃水线:1.39 米
推进: 3 台柴油机,3,960 bhp;3 驱动轴
航速: 16 节
航程: 3,000 海里
乘员: 59
能力: 400 军人, 或 350 吨货物
武器: 4 双管-14.5 毫米 AAMG(医疗船上没有)

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