U212 / U214 Submarines, Germany

德国U212 / U214级潜艇

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Image of a U212 attack submarine at sea

The U212 submarine is capable of long-distance submerged passage to the area of operation. The German Navy has ordered four of the submarines. The Type 212 is being constructed by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH (HDW) of Kiel and Thyssen Nordseewerke GmbH (TNSW) of Enden. HDW is responsible for the bow sections and TNSW for the stern section. HDW is assembling the first and third vessels, TNSW the second and fourth. U31, the first of class, began sea trials in April 2003 and it is scheduled to be commissioned by the end of 2004. The second, U32, was named in December 2003 and is planned to be handed over in May 2005.
Two U212 submarines are being built by Fincantieri for the Italian Navy. The first, S526 Salvatore Todaro, was launched in November 2003 and will commission in 2005. The second will commission in 2006.

Cross section of a U212 attack submarine
U212 submarine cross section.
The Type 212 is equipped with a highly integrated Command & Weapons Control System which interfaces with sensors, weapons and navigation system. The system is based on a high-performance databus and a distributed computer system, the Basic Command & Weapons Control System (Basic CWCS) supplied by Konsberg Defence & Aerospace of Norway under the trade name MSI-90U.
Integrated Sensor Underwater System of the U212/214 attack submarine series
There are six torpedo tubes in two groups of three. Type 212 is equipped with a water ram expulsion system for torpedo launch. The submarine is equipped with the DM2A4 heavyweight torpedo weapon system from STN Atlas Elektronik.
采用二组三管鱼雷发射装置,U212级装备来自STN Atlas Elektronik公司的DM2A4重型鱼雷武器系统。
EADS Systems & Defence Electronics and Thales Defence Ltd have been awarded a contract to develop the FL1800U electronic warfare system for the German and Italian navies' U212 submarines. The 1800U is a submarine version of the FL1800 S-II which is in service on the Brandenburg and Bremen class frigates.
欧洲航空防务和航天(EADS)系统&防卫电子公司和泰利斯防卫公司共同为U212级发展FL1800U电子战系统。1800U是在不莱登伯格级(F124)护卫舰和不莱梅级护卫舰上装备的FL1800 S-II的潜艇型。
A consortium led by STN ATLAS Elektronik and Allied Signal ELAC is responsible for the development of the TAU 2000 torpedo countermeasures system. TAU 2000 has four launch containers, each with up to ten discharge tubes equipped with effectors. The effectors are small underwater vehicles, similar in appearance to a torpedo. The effectors are jammers and decoys with hydrophones and acoustic emitters. Multiple effectors are deployed in order to counter torpedoes in re-attack mode.
STN Atlas Elektronik公司和Allied Signal ELAC公司为首的组合共同发展TAU 2000鱼雷对策系统。TAU 2000有四个发射箱,每个十个放电管效应器。效应器是小型水下航行器,在外观上和鱼雷相似。该效应器采用水听器和声波发射器起干扰和诱饵作用。多重效应器的部署去应对重新攻击模式的鱼雷。
The submarine is equipped with an integrated DBQS sonar system which has: cylindrical array for passive medium-frequency detection; a TAS-3 low-frequency towed array sonar; FAS-3 flank array sonar for low/medium-frequency detection; passive ranging sonar; and hostile sonar intercept system. The active high-frequency mine detection sonar is the STN Atlas Elektronik MOA 3070.
潜艇配备有集成DBQS声纳系统,该系统具有:用于被动中频探测圆柱阵列;一部TAS-3低频拖曳阵声纳; FAS-3舷侧阵声纳低/中频探测;被动测距声纳;和敌对声纳拦截系统。有源高频水雷探测声呐是STN阿特拉斯电子公司MOA3070。
The search periscope is the Zeiss Optronik SERO 14 with optical rangefinder, thermal imager and global positioning system. The Zeiss SERO 15 attack periscope is equipped with laser rangefinder.
搜索潜望镜是蔡司OPTRONIK SERO14光学测距仪,热成像仪和全球定位系统。蔡司SERO15攻击潜望镜装有激光测距仪。
The propulsion system combines a conventional system consisting of a diesel generator with a lead acid battery, and an air-independent propulsion (AIP) system, used for silent slow cruising, with a fuel cell equipped with oxygen and hydrogen storage. The system consists of nine PEM (polymer electrolyte membrane) fuel cells, providing between 30 and 50kW each.
For higher speeds, connection is made to the high-performance lead acid battery. An MTU 16 V- 396 diesel engine powers the generator from Piller GmbH for charging the battery installed on the lower of the two decks at the forward section of the submarine. The diesel generator plant is mounted on a swinging deck platform with double elastic mounts for noise and vibration isolation. The propeller motor is directly coupled to the seven-bladed screwback propeller.
对于更高的速度,连接使用高性能的铅酸电池。一台Piller GmbH公司生产的MTU 16 V- 396柴油发动机,在潜艇的前部安装在双层甲板下对电池充电。柴油-发电机设备为隔噪音和隔振在一个摆动甲板平台上的双重柔性座上安装。螺旋桨电动机直接联接到七浆叶万字形螺旋桨。
TYPE 214
HDW is developing the Type 214 submarine, which is a further improvement on the Type 212. The Greek Navy has ordered three Type 214 submarines. The first, Papanikolis (S120), was built at the HDW Kiel shipyard and was launched in April 2004; it is scheduled for delivery in 2005. Hellenic Shipyards will build the second (Pipinos S121) and third (Matrozos 122) vessels at Skaramanga, for commission in 2008-09. Hellenic Shipyards was acquired by HDW in May 2002. A fourth vessel was ordered by Greece in June 2002.
HDW发展的214型潜艇,这是在212型的进一步改进。希腊海军已订购三艘214型潜艇。第一艘,papanikolis(S120),在HDW基尔船厂建造并在2004年四月下水;预计2005年交付。在skaramanga的希腊船厂将建造第二艘(pipinos S121)和第三艘(Matrozos 122)艇身,在2008-09年服役。希腊船厂被HDW在 2002年五月并购。2002年六月第四艘艇身被希腊订购。

Side profile cross section of a U214 attack submarine
The Class 214 submarine will have an increased diving depth and an improvement in AIP performance.
South Korea has also ordered three Type 214, to enter service in 2007, 2008 and 2009. These will be built by Hyundai Heavy Industries.
The Type 214 will have an increased diving depth of over 400m, due to improvements in the pressure hull materials. Hull length is 65m and displacement 1,700t. Four of the eight torpedo tubes will be capable of firing missiles.
Type 214 submarines for the Hellenic Navy will be armed with the WASS (Whitehead Alenia Sistemi Subaquei) Black Shark heavyweight torpedo. The Black Shark is a dual purpose, wire-guided torpedo which is fitted with Astra active / passive acoustic head and a multi-target guidance and control unit incorporating a counter-countermeasures system. It has an electrical propulsion system based on a silver oxide and aluminium battery.
Performance of the AIP system has been increased with two Siemens PEM fuel cells which produce 120kW per module and will give the submarine an underwater endurance of two weeks. A hull shape which has been further optimised for hydrodynamic and stealth characteristics and a low noise propeller combine to decrease the submarine's acoustic signature.
The Integrated Sensor Underwater System ISUS 90, from STN ATLAS Elektronik integrates all sensors, command and control functions on board the submarine. BAE Systems provides the Link 11 tactical data link. The sensor suite of the U214 submarine consists of the sonar systems, an attack periscope and an optronic mast. The submarine's electronic support measures system and Global Positioning System sensors are also installed on the optronic mast.
ISUS 90集成传感器水下系统由STN Atlas Elektronik公司生产,整合所有的潜艇上的传感器和指挥控制功能。英国宇航公司(BAE)系统提供Link 11战术数据链。U214级潜艇传感器组件由声纳系统,一个攻击潜望镜和一个光电桅杆所组成。潜艇的电子支援措施(ESM)系统和全球定位系统传感器安装在光电桅杆上。

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      U212 / U214 Submarines, Germany  
      德国U212 / U214级潜艇
          The U212 submarine is capable of long-distance submerged passage to the area of operation. The German Navy has ordered four of the submarines.... [2016-04-09]