China’s military highlights information security


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April.05 (China Military News cited from Xinhua) — China’s Central Military Commission has issued a set of guidelines aimed at developing a comprehensive system upgrading military information security, a statement from the commission said Monday.


Approved by Hu Jintao, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, the Guidelines on Enhancing Military Information Security under New Situations set out an overall arrangement to advance military information security work by “tackling critical issues” facing China’s armed forces.


Improvement of military information security is a requirement for the modernization of China’s national defense and military buildup, said the guidelines.


The document stressed the importance of enhancing organizational bodies, working mechanisms, specialized personnel and technical safety to realize improved information security in the ranks. It gave priority to network security and electromagnetic safety as two major working areas, among others.


Military officers and solders should receive proper education to get prepared for military information security against the new backdrop, said the guidelines.


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