Algeria confirms PLZ45 acquisition


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Jeremy Binnie, London - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly
26 May 2017
杰瑞米·宾尼,伦敦- IHS简氏防务周刊 

Six PLZ45 self-propelled howitzers in a firing line during the exercise. Source: Algerie TV
The Algerian military confirmed on 22 May that it has taken delivery of Chinese-made 155 mm PLZ45 self-propelled howitzers when it released imagery showing them being used during an exercise.
A photograph and video of six PLZ45s firing were released during a visit by chief-of staff Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaid Salah to the Fourth Military Region. The Ministry of National Defence (MDN) said that Lt Gen Salah oversaw a tactical exercise that included units from the 41st Armoured Brigade in the In Amenas area close to the Libyan border.
Photographs of covered PLZ howitzers being transported in Algeria emerged in January 2014. It was unclear from the photographs whether they were PLZ45s or longer-barrel PLZ52s.
Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have previously acquired PLZ45s, but there are no known foreign users of the PLZ52.

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