China develops 'ultra-fast' anti-missile interceptor, says report


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Gabriel Dominguez, London and Neil Gibson, London - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly
01 June 2017
加布里埃尔·多明戈斯,伦敦和尼尔·吉普森,伦敦- IHS简氏防务周刊 

China already operates the HQ-9 SAM system (seen here), which is stated to have an ABM capability. It is possible that the new interceptor is part of an upgrade of this system. Source: Chinese MND
The China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) claims to have developed a new type of "ultra-fast" anti-missile interceptor capable of engaging an incoming projectile flying "10 times faster than a bullet", the state-owned China Daily newspaper reported on 27 May.
CASIC was quoted as saying that its Second Academy in Beijing, which is believed to be the country's major developer of air defence systems, has made a "new generation aerospace defence missile" that incorporates "top space technologies" and can intercept targets at an altitude of "tens of kilometres".
The company disclosed the information in an article it released earlier this month about the contributions made by control system researchers from the Zhang Yiqun Studio: a group named after a prominent scientist at the academy, said the paper.

The new interceptor was reportedly so difficult to design that "only a handful of nations in the world have been able to develop it", reported China Daily, adding that the weapon's designers "overcame numerous problems during research and development, including an explosion of one of the weapon's prototypes during a flight test".
No further details were provided about the system.

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