Surface Navy 2021 USN works to equip Zumwalt destroyers with conventional prompt strike weapon


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11 JANUARY 2021
by Michael Fabey
Responding to a recent mandate by US lawmakers, the US Navy (USN) is working now to develop and integrate a conventional prompt strike system on the Zumwalt-class guided-missile (DDG 1000) destroyer, Rear Admiral Paul Schlise, director, USN Surface Warfare Division said on 8 January.
1月8日,美国海军陆战队司令、海军少将保罗·施利斯(Paul Schlise)表示,为了响应美国国会议员最近的一项授权,美国海军(USN)正致力于开发和整合朱姆沃尔特级(Zumwalt)导弹(DDG 1000)驱逐舰的常规快速打击系统。
“This has been under discussion for a little while,” Rear Adm Schlise said during a media discussion in advance of the virtual Surface Navy Association 2021 National Symposium, which begins on 11 January.

The US Navy is working now to develop and integrate a conventional prompt strike system on the Zumwalt-class guided-missile (DDG 1000) destroyer. (US Navy)
美国海军目前正致力于在朱姆沃尔特级导弹(DDG 1000)驱逐舰上开发和集成常规快速打击系统。(美国海军)
“It’s in the law now,” he noted. “We are moving out on that on the studies of the hull form, and what’s going to be done to modify it to incorporate that capability down the road.”
Developing a conventional prompt strike (CPS) capability will augment USN firepower potential in part by getting the service to increase the potential size of the vertical launch system, he noted. “We think a larger diameter round like a CPS round is part of our future.”
Such a missile, he explained would “extend [USN] range substantially, [and] put a larger set of targets at risk”.
He added, “The CPS round is still very much a developmental round.” But the USN expects such a weapon could offer greater options for both maritime- and land-attack roles.
他补充说:“ 常规快速打击(CPS)弹药仍然是一个发展的弹药。” 但是美国海军希望这种武器可以为海上和陆地攻击角色提供更多选择。
Zumwalt work will also help with the development of systems for other ships.
“We are working on the Large Surface Combatant,” he pointed out. “The requirements have now just been approved. A version of the larger diameter launcher and a round like the CPS will be part of that platform. What we learn from DDG 1000 integration will be applied going forward.”
他说:“我们正在研究大型水面战斗人员。”。“现在要求刚刚通过。更大直径的发射装置的一个版本并且像一个常规快速打击(CPS)弹药将成为这个平台的一部分。我们从DDG 1000集成中学到的知识将继续应用。”

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