J-20 fighters start patrols in East, South China Seas


Date:2022-04-15 Source:janes By:Akhil Kadidal & Amit Viewed:

14 APRIL 2022
by Akhil Kadidal & Amit Kalra

China's J-20 stealth fighters have started to patrol the East and South China Seas. (Chen Chang/VCG via Getty Images)
China's J-20 stealth fighters have started to patrol the East and South China Seas as part of routine training missions, state-owned media reported.
According to the Global Times newspaper, the announcement was made by Ren Yukun, head of the discipline inspection and supervision team and a member of the leading party group at the state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC).
据《环球时报》报道,该消息是由国有的中国航空工业集团公司(AVIC)纪检监察组组长、党组成员任玉琨(Ren Yukun)发布的。
In a press conference on 12 April, Yukun reportedly said that it has become a training routine for Chengdu J-20s to fly “combat patrols” in the East China Sea and “alert patrols” in the South China Sea.
He added that these patrols are being undertaken after the J-20 switched to using “domestically developed engines”.
The aircraft were originally powered by Russian-made Saturn AL-31FN-series engines. Janes previously reported that the Saturns are starting to be replaced by indigenously developed Shenyang-Liming WS10C turbofan engines from at least September 2019. The Chinese engine is said to offer superior thrust in comparison with the Saturns.

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