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Japan loses one F-15DJ in a crash
    A JASDF F-15DJ twin-seat conversion trainer aircraft crashed at sea on 31 Janaury 2022.. 22-02-02
USAF launches F-35 advanced engine effort
    The F-35 Adaptive Engine Replacement (FAER) RFI seeks information on a complete propulsion system to be integrated into the F-35A variant aircraft. 22-02-01
US Navy disputes Pentagon report of carrier Ford design ‘shortfalls'
    The Pentagon Director, Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E) reported on 27 January.. 22-01-30
Monolit-BR coastal defence radars enter service with Russia's Western Military Di
简氏:Monolit BR海防雷达在俄罗斯西部军区投入使用
    The Monolit-BR coastal defence radar has entered service with the Leningrad Naval Base in Russia's Western Military District. . 22-01-26
Slow progress The Royal Malaysian Navy's modernisation challenges
    the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) took delivery of Rencong, the fourth and final Keris-class Littoral Mission Ship (LMS) ordered from China under a contract awarded in 2017 and renegotiated in 2019.. 22-01-25
Pyongyang launches ‘railway missiles' in response to US sanctions
    Two missiles that North Korea launched on 14 January were fired from the Korean People's Army's (KPA's) newly established railway-borne regiment, Pyongyang has said.. 22-01-18
Indra's 3D radar clears NATO tests
    The Lanza 3D Deployable Air Defence Radar passed NATO tactical ballistic missile detection and tracking tests.. 22-01-16
Thailand prepares procurement of new fighter aircraft
    The Royal Thai Air Force is planning to procure new fighter aircraft from 2023. Platforms likely to be considered include Lockheed Martin's F-35.. 22-01-14
    Chinese naval J-11s spotted in the open  
        Images outside the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation factory indicating that new single- and twin-seat J-11 fighters are probably being produced for PLANAF.... [2010-05-11]
    Report urges US to agree Taiwan F-16 sale  
        A United States-Taiwan business group has called on Washington to approve Taiwan's request to purchase 66 F/16C/D Block 50/52 fighter aircraft, arguing that the island's air defence capabilities are deteriorating rapidly.... [2013-10-26]
    Hudong-Zhonghua shipyard to relocate to Changxing Island near Shanghai  
        A CGI provided by CSSC showing the future Hudong-Zhonghua shipbuilding facility on Changxing Island near Shanghai.... [2021-01-06]
    China's Tengden unveils three-engined TB001 UAV variant, highlights recent weapon  
        China’s Sichuan Tengden Technology Company (Tengden) has completed initial testing of a three-engined variant of its medium altitude long endurance (MALE)-class TW328/TB001 ‘Twin-tailed Scorpion’ unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)... [2020-05-20]