Yuanwang 5/6 Space Tracking Ships


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Yuanwang 5 Space Tracking Ships

Yuanwang 6 Space Tracking Ships

Shanghai-based Jiangnan Shipyard began to build two hulls of the third-generation Yuanwang space tracking ship in 2005. The first hull Yuanwang 5 was launched on 15 September 2006, with the sea trial beginning in early 2007. The ship was officially handed over to the Satellite Maritime Tracking and Control (SMTC) based in Jiangyin on 29 September 2007. The ship was joined by its sister ship Yuanwang 6 on 12 April 2008 to support China’s Project 921 manned spaceflight and other space missions.

2005年位于上海的江南(Jiangnan)造船厂开始建造两艘第三代远望(Yuanwang)航天测量船。第一艘远望 5号在2006年9月15日下水,海试在2007年早期开始。2007年9月29日测量船被正式移交给位于江阴(Jiangyin)的卫星海上测控(SMTC)部。测量船在2008年4月12日与它的姊妹船远望 6号联合参加了支援中国921计划有人操纵宇宙飞行和其它的航天任务。

Yuanwang 5 has a full displacement of 25,000 tonnes, and is equipped with a whole range of space tracking and communications systems, including an S-band and C-band tracking and control system, and a C-band pulse radar. The ship is capable of tracking space launch vehicles, satellites, manned spacecraft, and other types of spacecraft, as well as real-time voice/image communication and data exchange with the land-based control centre.

远望 5号满载排水量25,000吨,而且装备全套航天测量和通信系统,包括S-波段和C-波段测量和控制系统,和一套C-波段脉冲雷达。测量船能够追踪航天运载火箭,人造卫星,有人操纵太空船和其它类型航天器,与陆基控制中心的实时声音/图像通信和数据交换。

Yuanwang 5 features a fibre optics-based shipboard network for data sharing and exchange between different sub-systems onboard. The living conditions for the crew have also been significantly improved compared to previous Yuanwang space tracking ships. According to the Chinese media report, Yuanwang 6 differs from Yuanwang 5 in that it has a large mission control hall occupying two decks. The ship was commissioned in 2008.

远望 5号的特点是一套基于光纤舰载网络用于在不同的舰载子系统之间数据共享和交换。与早先的远望空间测量船相比乘员的生活条件也已经被极大的改善。根据中国媒体报道,远望 6号不同于远望 5号它有一个占据二个甲板的大任务控制中心大厅。测量船在2008年服役。

Yuanwang 6 Space Tracking Ships

Mission Equipment

The ships are fitted with C- and S-band monopulse tracking radar, Cinetheodolite laser ranging and tracking system, velocimetry system, and onboard computers to track and control the spacecraft. They use a combination of inertial, satellite, and stellar for accurate navigation and positioning. Communications include HF, ULF, UHF, and SATCOM, in the form of secured telephone, radio, fax and data link. The ships are also equipped with a range of weather forecasting equipments including weather radar, sonde, and weather balloon, meteorological satellite image receiving terminal.


测量船配备有C-与S-波段单脉冲跟踪雷达,激光测距经纬仪和跟踪系统,测速系统,用于跟踪和控制航天器的舰载计算机。它们使用一套组合惯性、卫星和星形用于精确导航和定位。通信包括HF、ULF、UHF和SATCOM,采用保密电话、无线电、传真和数据链。测量船也装备多种的天气预报设备包括气象雷达、探空仪和气象气球, 气象卫星图像接收终端机。


Name Launch Commission
Yuanwang 5 15 Sept 2006 29 Sept 07
Yuanwang 6 2006 12 Apr 08


        名字         下水                         服役
        远望 5     2006年9月15日        2007年9月29日
        远望 6     2006年                    2008年4月12日


Displacement: (full) 25,000t
Helicopter deck: Yes
Helicopter hanger: Yes


排水量:       (满载)25,000 吨
直升飞机甲板:  有
直升飞机库:      有

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