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A Ranger Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) system is now in operational use with the Swiss Armed Forces. The system was officially handed over to the Swiss Air Force following a successful military exercise by the Swiss Armed Forces. 


The Ranger Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) System was designed for day and night battlefield reconnaissance and surveillance to meet specific Swiss Armed Forces requirements. The Ranger has been optimized for use in the difficult weather and geographical conditions that can be encountered in Switzerland. The aerial vehicle was developed and manufactured by Swiss Aircraft & Systems Company. Special attention was given to weatherproofing it. The UAV's body is constructed of composite materials with high-aspect-ratio wings mounted low on the fuselage, twin-boom tail and a single rudder and is equipped with an emergency parachute. 


The Ranger is launched automatically from a truck-mounted hydraulic catapult and has skids for automatic landing on a short grass strip or unprepared snow/ice surface. The Ranger system includes seven air vehicles, two truck-mounted launchers, two truck-mounted Ground Control Stations (GCS), two Remote Communications Terminals (RCT), and two recovery vehicles. 


The Ranger's primary sensors is an IAI/Tamam's MOSP (a dual TV camera and IR sensor mounted in a rotating retractable turret). The Ranger can also carry customer furnished equipment packages for other roles.  



Tactical UAV system for surveillance, reconnaissance, target-acquisition and artillery adjustment. Optimized for use in difficult weather and geographical conditions encountered in Europe. 




Standard MOSP (TV & IR Combi) 


标准MOSP(电视&IR 组合)


Maximum Take-Off Weight 275 kg 
Maximum Payload Weight 45 kg 
Endurance 5 hours 
Ceiling 15,000 ft 
Maximum Range 150 km 
Wing Span 5.7 m 
Overall Length 4.6 m 
Overall Height 0.9 m 
* Depending on direct line-of-sight datalink configuration

Launch & Recovery

Launch: hydraulic catapult.
Automatic landing on grass or snow using skids.
Parachute for emergency landing. 

Technical Data

Weights: Max Take-off Weight 275 kg   (606 lb) Max Payload Weight 45 kg   (110 lb) 
Dimensions: Overall Length 4.61 m 15.12 ft Wingspan 5.71 m 18.73 ft Powerplant Piston engine 38 hp 
Powerplant: Overall Length 4.61 m 15.12 ft Wingspan 5.71 m 18.73 ft Powerplant Piston engine 38 hp 


最大起飞重量: 275 公斤
最大负载重量: 45 公斤
续飞: 5个小时
升限: 15,000 英尺
最大航程 150 公里
翼展: 5.7 米
全长: 4.6 米
全高: 0.9 米
* 仰赖直接瞄准线数据链配置


发射: 液压弹射器。 


重量: 最大起飞重量 275公斤(606磅) 最大负载重量 45公斤(110磅)
尺寸: 全长 4.61米 15.12英尺 翼展 5.71米 18.73英尺 
动力装置:活塞发动机 38马力

Manufactured by IAI, RUAG Aerospace (formarly SF, Swiss Aircraft and System Enterprises) and Oerlikon-Contraves. 


Swiss formally accept Ranger UAV system

A Ranger unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system was handed over to the Swiss Air Force during the inauguration ceremony of the new Swiss Air Force UAV Training Centre in Emmen, Switzerland, in late December 2001. 

The Head of the Defence Procurement Agency (DPA) of the Swiss MOD handed the system over to the Swiss Air Force Commander. The Ceremony was attended by Swiss Government and military officials, Swiss industry representatives and Israeli industry representatives headed by Moshe Keret, IAI's President & CEO. 

Israel Aircraft Industries is honoured by the fact that the Swiss Air Force has chosen the Ranger UAV system for its missions. The Swiss Air Force is now a part of an exclusive and distinguished list of world-wide customers who are aware to the benefits and capabilities of IAI's family of UAV Systems.' 

The Swiss package consists of four systems, which include Ground Control Stations, 28 UAVs, secure communication links, Electro-Optical payloads for day and night vision, Automatic Landing Systems, and Mobile Receiving Units. The system also includes a mission simulator. 

The Finnish Army has also acquired a Ranger UAV System, the first system was delivered to Finland on October 2001.


在2001年12月下旬,位于Emmen新的瑞士空军无人机(UAV)训练中心开幕式上,一种“徘徊者”(Ranger)无人机(UAV)系统已经移交给瑞士空军。瑞士防卫采购代理处(DPA)主管交付系统给瑞士空军司令官。瑞士政府和军方官员、瑞士的工业代表和Moshe Keret带领的以色列工业代表、以色列飞机工业公司(IAI)的董事长&CEO参加了典礼。




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