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Changhe Aircraft Industries Group (CAIG) and China Helicopter Research and Development Institute (CHRDI), both based at Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, are currently developing an attack helicopter for the PLA. The helicopter, which is often referred to as Wuzhuang Zhisheng-10 (WZ-10), is said to be a third-generation two-seat design comparable in size and performance to the European Tiger and South African Rooivalk.

位于中国江西省景德镇的昌河直升机集团公司(CAIG)和中国直升机设计研究所(CHRDI),现在正在为PLA发展一种攻击直升飞机。时常被称为“武装直升”(Wuzhuang Zhisheng)-10(WZ-10)的直升飞机据说是一种第三-代双座设计,在尺寸和性能方面可比得上欧洲“虎式”(Tiger)和南非“茶隼”(Rooivalk)。

The WZ-10 helicopter is believed to have been under development since the late 1990s under tight security. Very little information about the project is available. Chenghe’s parent company, AVIC II, is currently working with European partners on the common helicopter dynamic system, which can be used on both the proposed medium helicopter and the attack helicopter. However, China has not sought outside help with the attack helicopter’s mission system, mainly due to security reasons.

WZ-10直升飞机被相信在紧密安全之下已经从1990年后期以后在发展之中。得到关于计划的非常少的情况。昌河(Chenghe)的母公司,中国航空工业第二集团公司(AVIC II),现在工作是和欧洲合伙人正在通用直升飞机动力系统上,可能被用在计划中的中型直升飞机和攻击直升飞机两者之中。然而,中国没有在攻击直升飞机的任务系统上寻找外来帮助,主要由于安全原因。

Limited information revealed on Internet has confirmed that the helicopter features a stepped tandem two-seat cockpit and narrow fuselage similar to Western designs. The helicopter has a five-blade main rotor and a four-blade tail rotor. The helicopter has a chin-mounted 30mm cannon and a pair of stub wings carrying ATGMs and/or other weapons. China is also said to have been developing the new HJ-10 ATGM comparable to the U.S. AGM-114 Hellfire for the WZ-10, but this cannot be confirmed.


As many as six prototypes are said to have been built since 2004. These helicopters are receiving extensive flight test before the design can be finalised and production approved. While this attack helicopter may not be leading edge technology by western standards, it is reasonable to assume its capabilities will be superior to those in current PLA inventory.


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