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The Zhi-9 (Z-9) army utility helicopter is a licensed-built version of the Aérospatiale (now Eurocopter) AS 365N Dauphin II. The helicopter has been built by Harbin Aircraft Manufacture Company (HAMC) since the early 1980s. The Z-9 is possibly the most produced helicopter in China, with over 200 machines delivered to both military and civilian customers. The Z-9s in service with the PLA is available in three variants: army utility, naval, and attack.

直-9(Z-9)陆军通用直升飞机是一种许可-制造的法国航宇公司(现在欧洲直升机公司)AS 365N “海豚” II型。直升飞机从1980年早期以后已经被哈尔滨(Harbin)飞机制造公司(HAMC)制造。Z-9在中国可能是制造的直升飞机中最多的,超过200架交付给军用和民用客户。Z-9在PLA服役中存在三种型号:陆军通用型、海军型和攻击型。

China signed a contract with the French company Aérospatiale in 1980 for the co-production of its AS 365N Dauphin II helicopter. The helicopter was to be built by the Harbin Aircraft Factory (now HAMC) under the designation Z-9. Under the agreement, Aérospatiale would provide 48 sets of AS 365N kits. The first Chinese assembled AS 365N was completed in 1981. The initial 48 helicopters included 28 examples of the basic variant Z-9, which is equivalent of the AS 365N1, and 20 examples of the Z-9A, which is equivalent of the AS 365N2 with increased portion of Chinese-made parts. All 48 helicopters had been completed by the late 1980s. In 1993, HAMC signed a new contract with Eurocopter to build a further 22 examples of the AS 365N2.

中国在1980年为联合生产AS 365N “海豚” II型直升飞机同法国航宇公司签署一份协议。直升飞机指定为Z-9由哈尔滨(Harbin)飞机制造厂制造。在协议下,法国航宇公司会提供48套AN 365N成套组件。第一架中国组装的AS 365N在1981年完成。初始48架直升飞机包括了Z-9的28架样机,等同于365 N1型;和Z-9A的20架样机,等同于AS 365N2型,增加一部分中国制造的零部件。所有的48架直升飞机已经在1980年后期完成。在1993年,HAMC同欧洲直升机公司(Eurocopter)签署一份新的协议去建造进一步的22架AS 365 N2样机。



In 1988, HAMC was ordered to develop an ‘indigenised’ Z-9 with further increased portion of Chinese-made parts. In order to achieve this, HAMC experimentally built two Z-9A-100s, which were powered by the Chinese indigenous Wozhou-8A (Turbomeca Arriel-IC1 copy) turboshaft engine. The Z-9B, an ‘indigenised’ variant with 71.9% Chinese-made content, flew successfully on 16 January 1992. The helicopter completed its flight test by November 1992, and was certified for design finalisation in December. Batch production of the Z-9B began in the mid-1990s, with 25 examples ordered by the PLA by 1997, and a further 7 examples in 1998. Over 150 examples of the Z-9B and its follow-on variants are believed to have been delivered to the PLA so far.

在1988年,HAMC被要求发展一种‘国产化’Z-9采用更多中国制造的部件。为了达到要求,HAMC实验性的制造二架Z-9A-100,动力采用中国国产的涡轴-8A(Turbomeca Arriel-IC1仿造型)涡轴发动机。Z-9B,一种‘国产化’改型具有71.9%中国制造比例,在1992年1月16日成功飞行。在1992年11月直升飞机完成了它的飞行测试,而且在12月进行设计定型鉴定。Z-9B的批量制造在1990年中期开始,1997年PLA定购25架样机,并且在1998年进一步有7架样机。总共150架Z-9B样机和它的延续改型据信已经迄今为止交付到PLA。

HAMC is currently developing an improved variant of the Z-9 known as H410A for the civil aviation market. Powered by two Turbomeca Arriel-II turboshaft engines, the H410A was introduced in 2001. A further improved variant H425 with improved Western avionics and modified structure successfully flew in December 2003. The final variant H450 with enhanced payload is currently under development. Should this variant becomes successful, it may also be adopted by the PLA to replace its early variant Z-9s.




The Z-9 is generally identical to the AS 365N Dauphin. The helicopter is of light aluminium alloy (28%) construction with extensive use of composite materials (59%), such as glass fibre, and Nomex for added strength and for weight reduction. The helicopter has a four-blade main rotor, with two turboshaft engines mounted side by side on top of the cabin with an air intake on side of motor hump and exhausts at the rear of the hump. The teardrop-shaped body features a tapered boom to the tail fin, a rounded nose and stepped-up cockpit.


Z-9大体上等同于AS 365N “海豚”。直升飞机是轻铝合金(28%)结构并广泛使用复合材料(59%),例如玻璃纤维和Nomex用于减轻重量。直升飞机有一个四-浆叶主旋翼,在座舱顶部两侧安装二台涡轴发动机,进气口在背隆发动机舱侧面和排气口在背隆后面。水滴-形特色机身一个锥形尾梁到垂直尾翼,一个圆形前鼻和阶梯驾驶员座舱。

The tail flats feature swept-back tips forward of the swept-back and tapered fin with a blunt tip. The Z-9B variant features a modified 11-blade Fenestron faired-in tail rotor with wider-chord, all-composite blades instead of 13 all-metal blades as in AS 365N1.

尾平翼特征是顶端有一个上端后掠的垂直安定翼和锥形尾垂翼具有一个钝形顶端。Z-9B型特点是一个改进11浆叶涵道尾桨,减阻内置螺旋浆采用宽弦、全-复合浆叶而不是像在AS 365N1型中的13片全-金属浆叶。

The helicopter has hydraulically-operated retractable tricycle type landing gear. The nose unit is twin-wheeled and retracts rearward. The main units are single-wheeled and retract into wheel troughs in the fuselage. All three units of the land gear are equipped with oleopneumatic shock absorbers.


As a tactical troop transport, the Z-9B has the capacity to transport 10 armed soldiers seated in two rows behind the pilot seats. Some Z-9Bs in the PLA service have the back-row seats removed to accommodate additional equipment for communications relay, artillery direct, and electronic countermeasures roles.


Cockpit Systems

The helicopter can be fitted with a BG-06 radio altimeter, Type 150 single-sideband radio, and KJ-13 autopilot, and can choose the KDF-806 radio compass, KTR-908 radio, and TB-31 intercom as optional.



For search and rescue missions, the helicopter can be fitted with a 250kg-capacity hoist with winch and scoop fitted externally above the starboard side cabin door and a search light.


The electronic countermeasures variant is fitted with an ECM suite consist of a radar warning receiver, a jammer, and chaff and flare decoy dispensers.



The Z-9B is powered by two 550kW (739hp) Turbomeca Arriel-IC1 turboshaft, which is produced by SAEC at Zhuzhou as Wozhou-8A (WZ-8A). The fuel capacity is 1,140 litre, with option for a 400 litre ferry tank.


Z-9B使用二台550 千瓦(739 马力)透博梅卡公司Arriel-IC1型涡轮发动机提供动力,由位于株州的SAEC生产被称为涡轴-8A。(WZ-8A)燃料能力1,140公升,附件为一个400公升油囊。

The HAMC is developing a new variant H410A/425/450 powered by two improved 635kW (851hp) Arriel-II turboshaft engines.

HAMC正在发展新型H410A/425/450,动力采用二台改良的635 千瓦(851 马力)Arriel-2型涡轴发动机。


旋翼直径: 11.93米
尾桨直径: 0.90米
机长: 13.46米
机长(旋翼、尾桨折叠) : 11.44米
机高(旋翼、尾桨折叠) : 3.21米

重量及载荷: (A:直-9,B:直-9A)
空重: (A) 1975千克,(B) 2050千克
最大有效载荷: (A) 1863千克,(B) 2038千克
最大起飞重量: (A)3850千克,(B) 4100千克
最大吊挂载荷: 1600千克
最大平飞速度: 306千米/小时
正常巡航速度: (A,总重3850千克) 250~260千米/小时
最大垂直爬升率(海平面):  (A) 4.2米/秒,(B) 4.1米/秒
实用升限(A) : 45000米,(B) 6000米
悬停高度(有地效) : (A) 1950米,(B) 2600米,(无地效) (A) 1020米,(B) 1600米
最大航程: 1000千米
最大续航时间: 5小时
最大实用过载: 3.5G(载重3200千克

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