HongJian 9 Anti-Tank Guided Missile


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The HongJian 9 (HJ-9) is designed to engage main battle tanks, armoured vehicles, and other targets in day/night, all-weather condition. The missile entered service in the late 1990s and was first revealed during the national day military parade held in Beijing on 1 October 1999. The missile was claimed to have a armour penetration capability of 1,200mm RHA, which means that it can penetrate the front armour of most modern main battle tanks in current service. The HongJian 9 in service with the PLA is carried on a 4X4 WZ550 armoured personnel carrier (APC) vehicle. Another variant has a single-tube launcher mounted on the 4X4 Nanjing NJ2046 high-mobility truck. The manufacturer claimed that the missile could also be launched from helicopters.

红箭-9(HJ-9)设计在昼/夜、全天候条件下同主战坦克、装甲车辆和其它目标交战。导弹在1990年后期进入服役并在1999年10月1日北京举行的国庆阅兵期间首次展示。导弹宣称具有1,200毫米轧制均质装甲(RHA)的穿甲能力,意谓它能穿透现役最现代化的主战坦克的前装甲。PLA服役的红箭-9在一辆4X4 WZ550型装甲人员输送车(APC)上携带。另外的一个改型在4X4“南京”NJ2046型越野车上安装一具发射筒。制造业者宣称导弹也能从直升飞机上发射。

The HongJian 9 is fired from a tube launcher with a maximum range of 5,000m, and can operate in all weather conditions, day and night, with high accuracy and a lethal punch. The HongJian 9 missile is almost identical in appearance to the Israeli TAAS man-portable anti-tank system (MAPATS), causing speculations about the link between the two designs. However, it cannot be confirmed whether the HongJian 9 has any element of the MAPATS technology.


The launcher fires the HongJian 9 missile with tandem shaped high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warheads to defeat tanks fitted with explosive reactive armour (ERA). The missile has a claimed armour penetration of 1,200mm, or over 320mm at 68 degree. It might also be able to be fitted with high explosive or thermal effect warheads for use against non-armoured point targets, bunkers or fortifications. The missile is driven by two solid rocket motors (one ejection, one cruise), with a maximum firing range of 5,000m. The missile has an extended probe on its head for greater standoff and penetration.


The WZ550 APC-mounted HongJian 9 system is seen in service with the PLA. The vehicle, operated by a crew of three men (driver, commander, and weapon operator), has an integrated weapon station containing an observation/fire-control unit and four tube missile launchers. When the vehicle is in travelling mode, the station can be retracted back to inside the troop compartment. There are four ready-to-launch missiles on the weapon station and eight spare missiles carried inside the vehicle. The station has an elevation from +10 to -10 degrees with +/-200 degree traverse. The fully automated weapon station is controlled by an operator inside the vehicle. The vehicle has a combat weight of 13.75t, and is powered by a 320hp turbo-charged diesel. The maximum road speed is 95km/h.

WZ550 APC载红箭-9系统被看到已经在PLA服役。车辆,被三名组员操作(驾驶员、指挥官和武器操作员),一个综合武器站包括一个观察/火控单元和四具导弹发射管。当车辆在行进模式时,武器站能收回到人员舱内。在武器站上有四枚发射就绪导弹和在车辆内携带剩余的八枚导弹。武器站仰角+10到-10度连同水平+/-200度。全自动化的武器站被位于车辆内的一个操作员控制。车辆战斗重量13.75吨,而且动力由一台320马力涡轮增压柴油发动机提供。最大公路速度95公里/小时。

The HongJian 9 uses a semi-automatic laser command guidance. The weapon operator search and locate the target using a periscope optical sight (7km range) in day light, or a thermal imager at night or in bad weather conditions. Once the missile is launched, the operator continues aiming its sight at the target. The TV ganiometer measures the angle deviation between the missile and the line of sight. The correction command is sent to the missile via the laser transmission unit (5.5km range). During the flight of the HongJian 9 missile, the operator only needs to keep the sight's cross-hair on the target, and the system automatically transmits the laser command signal to the missile until it hits the target.


CNGC has also introduced the improved HongJian 9A with a more advanced millimetre wave guidance system. The correction command is sent to the missile via a millimetre wave transmission unit with longer range and better resistance to enemy jamming. A laser-beam riding variant known as HongJian 9B is also under development.



Range: 5,000m
Depth of penetration (static): 1,200mm
Rate of fire: 2rds per minute
Missile body length: N/A
Missile body diameter: 152mm
Launch weight: 37kg
Field of fire: Elevation -10°~+10°; Traverse +/-200°


射程: 5,000 米
穿甲深度(静止): 1,200 毫米
发射速率: 一分钟 2 发
导弹弹体长度: N/A
导弹弹体直径: 152 毫米
发射重量: 37 公斤
射界: 仰角 -10°~+10°;水平 +/-200°

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