ERR-107A Man-Portable Radar Reconnaissance System


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ERR-107A Man-Portable Radar Reconnaissance System (Source: CETC)

The ERR-107A is a small size manportable radar reconnaissance receiver designed to detect and receive signals of enemy’s battlefield surveillance radar, forward position radar, and airborne radar. It can carried by a person and is particularly suitable for the use in mountain, highland, and border regions.



Frequency range: 8~18GHz
Instantaneous space coverage: 45 Degree (typical)
System sensitivity: (Pulse) -42 dBm; or (CW) -54 dBm
Dynamic range: (Instantaneous) 50 dB; or (Manual) 80 dB
DF accuracy: <=3 degree (r.m.s.) (Fixed on a tripod)
Pulse characteristics: PRF: 200Hz~300KHz; PW: 0.1~300 µs
Self-test: Buzzer check
Power supply: Batteries can continuously supply power for no less than 24 hours
Weight: 3 kg (including receiver, earphone and batteries)
Operation conditions: Temperature: -10 °C~ +50 °C; Relative humidity: 90%


频率范围: 8~18 GHz
瞬时空间覆盖: 45 度(典型)
系统灵敏度: (脉冲)-42 dBm; 或(CW)-54 dBm
 动态范围: (瞬时) 50分贝; 或(手动) 80分贝
DF 精度: <=3 度(r.m.s.) (固定在一个三脚架上)
脉冲特性: PRF 200 Hz~300 KHz;PW 0.1~300 μs
自-测试: 蜂音器检查
电源: 电池能连续地供给动力不少于 24个小时
重量: 3 公斤 (包括接收机、耳机和电池)
操作状态: 温度 -10°C~+50°C;相对湿度 90%

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