JN1105A Communications Jammer


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JN1105A Communications Jammer (Source: CETC)

The JN1105A is a mobile communication countermeasures system designed to locate and jam enemy tactical radio communication signals. The system was developed by 36 Institute (now Jiangnan Electronic & Communications Research Institute, JECOR) of Jiangxing, Zhejiang Province in 1982. The JN1105A took part in the 1980s China-Vietnam border conflict and played important roles in the electronic warfare to suppress Vietnamese Army command & control and communications networks.


The system can cover the communication frequencies of HF (1.6~30MHz), VHF (30~100MHz), and UHF (100~500MHz). The whole system is carried on a vehicle, but can also be dissembled and carried by several soldiers on specially-designed racks to reach remote areas in mountain and highland.

系统能覆盖高频(HF,1.6~30 MHz),特高频(VHF,30~100 MHz)和超高频(UHF,100~500 MHz)通信频率。整套系统携带在一辆车上,但是也能被几名士兵在专用-设计支架上收藏和携带,去抵达山地和高地的偏僻区域。

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