DZ9300 Man-Portable Radar Reconnaissance System


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DZ9300 Man-Portable Radar Reconnaissance System (Source: CETC)

The DZ9300 is a manpack radar reconnaissance system for ground troops to detect the operation modes and technical data of hostile land-based, airborne and shipborne radar systems. The system comprises two sets of basic sub-systems: DZ9300A which covers frequency range of 50 ~ 250MHz, and DZ9300B which covers frequency range of 250 ~ 1000MHz.

DZ9300是一种便携雷达侦察系统用于地面部队去探测敌方陆基、机载和船载雷达系统的操作模式和技术数据。系统包括两套基本的子系统:覆盖50~250 MHz频率范围的DZ9300A和覆盖250~1000 MHz频率范围的DZ9300B。

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