DongFeng 2 (CSS-1) Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile


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The DongFeng 2 (NATO code name: CSS-1) is a single-stage, liquid-propellant, road-mobile, medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM) developed by the Ministry of Defence 5th Academy (now China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, CALT). The DongFeng 2 is China’s first indigenously developed ballistic missile. The development of the DongFeng 2 began in the late 1950s. The DongFeng 2 development encountered some serious difficulties due to Soviet Union’s withdrawal of its technical assistance in 1960. The first test launch of the DongFeng 2 in March 1962 failed. The redesigned DongFeng 2A was successfully launched on 29 June 1964. On 27 December 1966, a DongFeng 2A missile carrying a 12kT atomic warhead was launched from Jiuquan and the missile hit the target in Lop Nor 800km away. The DongFeng 2A entered operational service with the PLA in the late 1960s, and was completely retired from active duty in the early 1980s.

DF-2(北约代号:CSS-1)是一种单级、液体推进剂、道路-机动中程弹道导弹(MRBM),由国防部第5研究所(现在中国运载火箭技术研究院,CALT)发展。DF-2是中国第一种本国自行发展的弹道导弹。DF-2的发展在1950 年后期开始。在1960年DF-2发展曾遭遇由于提供技术协助的苏联专家撤退而产生的严重困难。在1962年3月DF-2第一次试射失败。被重新设计的DF-2A在1964年6月29日成功地发射。在1966年12月27日,携带12 kT核弹头的一枚DF-2A导弹从酒泉发射,而且导弹击中800公里之远在罗布泊的目标。在1960年后期进入PLA操作服役,在1980年早期从现役中全部退役。


Official name: DongFeng 2 (DF-2)
NATO reporting name: CSS-1
Contractor: MND 5th Academy
Service status: Retired
Configuration: Single-stage, liquid propellant
Deployment: Road-mobile on towed trailer
Length: 20.61m
Body diameter: 1.65m
Wingspan: 2.13m
Launch weight: 31,900kg
Range: 1,250km
Re-entry vehicle mass: 1,500kg
Accuracy: CEP 4,000m
Launch preparation time: 120~180 min

配置: 单级
长度: 20.61 米
直径: 1.65 米
翼展: 2.13 米
发射重量: 31,900 公斤
推进剂: 液体
制导: 惯性
配置: 拖车上道路机动
射程: 1,250 公里
再入运载装置重量: 1,500 公斤
弹头: 单一 15~20 kT 核弹头
精度: 圆概率误差(CEP) 4,000 米
发射准备时间: 2~3 小时


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