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An earlier version of the B611 missile system featured a single missile with integrated command section transport-erection-launch (TEL) vehicle.

The B611 is the solid-fuel, surface-to-surface, short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) jointly developed by China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation (CASIC) and Turkish weapon manufacturer MKEK. It is understood that the missile development began in 1999 as a Sino-Turkey co-operation project. The missile was first tested to 120km range in 2001, and later to 152km range in 2003. The development of the missile was officially completed in 2003. The missile made its debut in the 2004 Zhuhai Air show, but there has been no production order from either Turkish or Chinese military.
B611是一种固体燃料、地对地、近程弹道导弹(SRBM),由中国航空宇宙科学&工业公司(CASIC)和土耳其武器制商MKEK公司共同地发展。一般了解导弹发展在1999年开始,如同一项中国和土耳其的合作计划。导弹的首先测试到120公里射程在2001年,而且稍后到152公里射程在2003年。导弹的发展正式在2003年完成。导弹在2004年 珠海航空展上初次登场,但是没有接收到来自土耳其或中国军队的订单。

B611基于中国自行研制的DF-15 SRBM设计,减少了射程和更轻的发射重量。
The B611 is based on the Chinese indigenous DF-15 SRBM design with reduced range and lighter launch weight.

The B611 is tactical missile that provides a fire capability for precision engagement of the enemy throughout the depth of the battlefield beyond the range of currently fielded tube artillery and MRL.

The B611 is a single-stage, solid-propellant SRBM similar in general performance to the Russian Iskander-E SRBM (SS-X-26). Based on the DF-15 (M-7) SRBM technology, the B611 can deliver a 480kg high-explosive (HE) conventional warhead over a distance of 150km. Other types of warhead such as anti-armour, anti-personnel, mine, etc. can be developed according to the customers’ requirements. The missile is launched from a box-shape launcher carried on a 6X6 cross-country truck. Each truck can carry two box launchers. A basic battery consists of six launch trucks (12 ready-to-launch missiles) and a command vehicle.
B611是一种单级,固体推进剂近程弹道导弹(SRBM),大体上和俄国Iskander-E SRBM(SS-X-26)的性能相似。基于DF-15(M-7)SRBM技术,B611能递送480公斤高爆炸药(HE)常规弹头,射程超过150公里。其它类型的弹头,像是反装甲、人员杀伤、布雷及其它,能够依照客户的需求发展。导弹从一个箱体-形发射装置中发射,装载在一辆6X6越野卡车上。每辆卡车能携带二个箱体形发射装置。一个基本的单元由六辆发射卡车(12枚就绪-到-发射导弹)和一辆指挥车所组成。

The new twin-missile launch vehicle for the B611 was displayed during the 2004 Zhuhai Air Show. The vehicle is based on a North Benz 6X6 heavy-duty truck.

CASIC is currently developing an improved variant with an extended range of 250km, hoping to appeal potential buyers in the international market.


Configuration: Single-stage
Propellant: Solid fuel
Guidance: Inertial
Range: 150km 
Deployment: Mobile
Warhead: One single 480kg conventional

配置: 单级
推进剂: 固体燃料
制导: 惯性
射程: 150 公里
配置: 可机动装置
弹头: 传统的单一弹头 480 公斤
圆概率误差(CEP): N/A

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