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This article is based on an article from Naval and Merchant ships with corrections and additions from China Today, People’s Navy and personal interviews.

The Type 62 Coastal Defense Boat, also known, as the Shanghai class, is a low-cost patrol boat made famous during the Indochina war of 1960s in service with the North Vietnamese Navy. Amazingly, this primitive is still in production after more then 300 examples were built. The Type 62 serves today as a first assignment for many of People’s Liberation Amy-Navy (PLAN) recruits and remains in service with many world navies.



During the early 1950s, the PLAN began to design and manufacture small gunboats for patrol and continued naval warfare with Nationalist force around the Taiwan Strait . Initially, there were no coordinated building efforts among ships yards. Luda Shipyard laid down the Type 53 class littoral combatant while Qingdao Shipyard build the Type 55 class. In addition there were piecemeal production runs at both the Shanghai and Guangzhou shipyards. Those earlier types performed poorly as patrol boats and as combatant gunboats.



 The earlier Type 55 Patrol Boat.较早的55型巡逻艇。

In late 1950s, an order from the PLAN called the production of a single 100 tons class with higher speed and greater firepower to fulfill littoral combat need. In February 1959, the Navy Ship Repair and Manufacture Department combined the strengths of several earlier models designed by various shipyards and the naval academy into a standard new model of patrol boat. Construction began on this new model in May 1960 at Dalian Shipyard, and after 2 years of trials, the design was finalized in November 1962.


The first prototype was coded as the 0111 with a displacement of 125 tons. After the completion of the third prototype, the single 57mm cannon was replaced by a twin 37mm cannon, speed increased to 30 knots, and weight reduced to 115 tons. The modified design was officially accepted as Type 62 Model 0111A with official designation of Model 62 Coastal Defense Boat. Series production began the very same year.


The first three 0111 prototypes were exported to North Vietnam and later sunk.



Displacement, tons: 113 standard; 115 to 125 full load
Dimensions, feet (meters): 127.3 × 17.7 × 5.6 (38.8 × 5.4 × 1.7)



The basic type 62 0111A has an all-metal hull, a single thin wooden deck and was powered by four simply but powerful V-12 Type 180 1200 horse power diesel engines. Its mechanical system was considered very reliable because it was based on very mature existing designs. In addition to built-in redundancy, all its mechanical systems had a manual override. With its easy controllability and high buoyancy, it could operate in most weather and handle rough the waters off the Taiwan Strait.


The basic armament of 0111A remained largely unchanged over time: two type 61 37mm/63 twin cannon capable of firing 180 rounds per minute, two type 61 25mm/60 twin cannon capable of firing 270 rounds per minute, twin Type 56 75mm recoilless rifles mounted forward an 82mm mortar mounted at the rear for nighttime illumination purposes, one smoke generator, and 8 to 10 sea mines. While the twin recoilless rifles were considered standard equipment, but during patrol duties, they were replaced by a powerful searchlight. The Type 62 was considered a heavily armed 100-ton class patrol boat during that period of time.


There were also some major shortcomings of the Type 62. It was a small patrol craft designed and build in China during the 1960s. The first production model offered horrible conditions for its crew it had no air-conditioning, an essential necessity for patrols on the South China Sea . Each crew bunk bed was only 2 square meters and allowed no room for any personal items. Its water tank could only contain 5 tons of fresh water, a crew of 40 could only last a week at sea. Loud engine noise and very limited living space took a great toll on the crew’s endurance.


Other shortcomings included: short operational range; navigation and communication equipment were almost none-existent, and its bridge offered very low visibility. It could not venture far off shore nor stand any chance in actions against large well equipped enemy ships. It is a low-cast patrol boat designed for rapid wartime production; it was no surprise that both the hull and the engine had a very limited lifespan. Its engines were only capable of 300 to 400 operational hours. The design allowed Daling shipyard produce a Type 62 from start to finish in one month.


The production run of 0111A stood at 30 examples from 1962 to 1965, of which 17 were built (including the 3 prototypes) at Dalian , and 13 at Huangpu. The Huangpu copies were coded as 0111N, N stood for “ Nan ” or “South” in Chinese with cabin heating equipment removed.


As the tensions in the Taiwan Strait cooled late 1960s, the requirement for the Type 62 also changed. In the following 0111B model, two of its four V-12 Type 180 1200 horse power diesel engines were replaced by a pair of long-life 300 horse power diesel engines for efficient operation at cruise and patrol speed. However, the new engines greatly reduced the top speed of the 0111B. A total of sixteen 0111B were built.


The Type 62 patroling at sea. 62型在海上巡逻。


The mass production model WAS the radar-equipped 0111C with augmented with some damage control improvements. A total of were 216 produced in a number of shipyards. The production of the 0111D model started in February 1965 with a pair of more powerful 1300 horse power diesel engines in place of the short service life V-12 Type 180 engines, a total of 26 examples were built before switching to a slice modified 0111DII, or 0111DM as it was known for a period of time. With 59 examples of 0111DII, the production run of 0111D stood at 85 boats in total.



Three 0111C were used as prototypes for a new gasoline engine; the 0111R model which never entered production.


As the requirement of PLAN continued to evolve, so did the Type 62. To counter submarine threats in the coastal shallow water in the 1970s a new anti-submarine model was introduced into production. Model 0111s had a Stag Ear, hull-mounted, high frequency, active search sonar with three five-tubes RBU 1200 anti-submarine mortars.

当时PLAN的需求是继续去发展,62式也是。1970年一种新的反潜型进入建造之内用于对抗海岸浅水区域潜艇威胁。0111S型有一套舰体安装、高频、主动搜寻Stag Ear声纳和三具五-管RBU 1200型反潜迫击炮。

The Anti-submarine Type 62 variant. 62反潜型。

The first 0111s was built in early 1972 and completed test trials by the end of the same year. A total of 27 examples of were produced.


Type 62-1:

Displacement, tons: 170 full load
Dimensions, feet (meters): 134.5 × 17.4 × 5.9 (41 × 5.3 × 1.8)


排水量: 满载170吨

Based on demand from the South Sea Fleet, PLAN decided to implement a much-improved 0111S model with the focus on improving crew comforts. The new Type 62-1 model had air conditioning, a larger fresh water tank, stabilizer fins, and much reduced engine noise. It entered service in 1985. The overall weight was increased to 170 tons.


During the 1980 orders for the Type 62 decreased dramatically from the PLAN, however the basic design continued to serve with other government agencies. Type 62-1-0111E were border patrol boats with twin 25mm cannons replaced by a single 14.5mm machine gun and the Type 62-1-011F model anti-smuggler boats were equipped with a small crane for the launch and recovery of speed boats with additional weapon deleted.


The Type 62 Civilian Law Enforcement variant. 62式民用执法改型。


According to Janes, Type 62’s export customers as follows:

Type 62:

Vietnam 8 in May 1966
Tanzania 7 in 1970-71
Guinea 2 in 1977
Albania 6
Bangladesh 8 in 1980-82
Congo 3
Egypt 4 in 1984
Sri Lanka 3 in 1991
Tanzania 2 in 1992.
Sales of Type 62-1:

Type 62-1:

Tunisia 3 in 1994
Sri Lanka 3 in 1995, 3 in May 1996, 3 in August 1998.
Bangladesh 1 in 1996
Sierra Leone 1 in 1997




越南 8艘 在1966年5月
坦桑尼亚 7艘 在1970-71年
几内亚 2艘 在1977年
阿尔巴尼亚 6艘
孟加拉 8艘 在1980-82年
刚果 3艘
埃及 4艘 在1984年
斯里兰卡 3艘 在1991年
坦桑尼亚 2艘


北非共和国 3艘 在1994年
斯里兰卡 3艘 在1995年,3艘 在1996年5月,3艘 在1998年8月
孟加拉 1艘 在1996年
塞拉利昂 1艘 在1997年

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