Type 037-IG (Houxin Class) Missile Corvette


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The Type 037-IG (NATO reporting name: Houxin class) is a missile corvette developed from the hull of the Type 037I (Haijiu class) anti-submarine patrol craft. The vessel was developed as an low-cost alternative to the more capable Type 037-II (Houjian class) missile corvette introduced roughly the same time. A total of 24 hulls were built by Shanghai-based Qiuxin Shipyard between 1991 and 1997, with six of them sold to the Myanmar Navy in the mid-1990s.



24 hulls, all in the South Sea Fleet: 651~656, 751~769




The Type 037-IG is generally similar to the Type 037-I in hull design, but has the VDS equipment and depth charge projectors and racks on the stern deck removed to give room for two three-cell YingJi-8 anti-ship missile launchers. The missile uses active radar homing and is powered by a solid rocket engine with a solid rocket booster. The missile has a range of 40km and approaches the target in sea skimming mode at a speed of Mach 0.9. The 165kg shaped charge warhead has time delayed impact proximity fuses.



The vessel has two (one front, one rear) Type 76A automatic dual-37mm AAA guns, firing shells at a rate of 400 rounds/min to a range of 9.4km for airborne targets. Additionally the ship has two manually operated dual-14.5mm anti-aircraft machine guns (AAMG).



The vessel is fitted with a Type 352E (NATO reporting name: Square Tie) I-band radar for surface search and anti-ship missile targeting; and a Type 347G (NATO reporting name: Rice Lamp) I-band radar for 37mm AAA fire-control.




The propulsion system consists of four diesels rated at 13,200hp. The boat has four shafts and a maximum speed of 32 knots.




Displacement: (full load) 478t
Dimensions: Length 62m; Beam 7.2m, Draft 2.24m
Speed: 32 knots
Range: 3,200km @18kt
Crew: 60


排水量: (满载)478吨
尺寸: 长度 62米;宽 7.2米,吃水线 2.24米
航速: 32节
航程: 3,200 公里@18节
组员: 60名

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