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The Type 037-II (NATO codename: Houjian class) is the missile corvette built by Huangpu Shipyard of Guangzhou for the PLA Navy garrison troops stationed in Hong Kong. Although the vessel inherited the Type 037 designation, it bears little resemblance to the Type 037 series patrol craft, and is generally regarded as a wholly new design. A total of six vessels have been delivered to the PLA Navy between 1991 and 2005. No further construction plan has been reported.


Huangpu Shipyard delivered four Type 037-II missile corvettes (770~773) to the PLA Navy South Sea Fleet between 1991~1995. The vessel was first revealed during the 1996 PLA joint exercise in the Taiwan Strait. These boats were later deployed to Hong Kong in July 1997, and has been based there since then. The fifth vessel (774) with an Russian-made AK-176 single-barrel 76mm gun was commissioned in 2001 but the vessel was damaged in an accident in June 2006. The last vessel (775) was possibly commissioned in 2005~06.



The Type 037-II has a steel hull which has been incorporated certain radar cross-section reduction features. A main gun is located on the bow deck in front of the bridge. Two triple YJ-8 (C-801) anti-ship missile launchers are located on the stern deck. The vessel has fully airtight compartment with collective NBC-protection and central air condition for better living conditions.




Yangjiang (770), Shunde (771), Nanhai (772), Fanyu (773), Lianjiang* (774), Xinhui (775)

* Lianjiang (774) was damaged in an accident in 2006 and may not be operational



* 廉江(774) 2006年在意外事故中损坏并且可能无法操作


The vessel is armed with six YingJi-8 anti-ship missiles (two groups, each with three launchers), which use active radar homing and is powered by a turbojet (with a solid rocket booster). The anti-ship missile has a range of 80~120km and approaches the target in sea skimming mode at a speed of 0.9 Mach. The 165kg shaped charge warhead has time delayed impact proximity fuses.



There is an indigenous Type 76A dual-barrel 37mm automatic AAA gun located on the bow deck of the vessel, firing shells at a rate of 400 rounds/min to a range of 9.4km for airborne targets. There are also two Type 69 dual-30mm automatic AAA guns on the stern deck, firing shells at a rate of 360~400 rounds/min to a range of 4km for airborne targets.


The #5 vessel Lianjiang (774) has its Type 76A twin-30mm AAA gun replaced by a Russian-made AK-176 single-barrel 76mm automatic gun with a fire rate of 120 rounds/min and a maximum range of 12km against airborne or surface target.

#5 廉江(774号)采用俄国制造的AK-176型单管76毫米自动炮代替76A型双管30毫米AAA炮,具有120发/分钟射速和最大对空或水面目标12公里射程。

Electronic Systems

The Type 037-II is the first missile corvette in service with the PLA Navy to be equipped with a sophisticated C3I system. According to a PLA official report, electronic systems occupies a significant percentage of the Type 037-II's overall costs.



The ship is fitted with a Type 352E ' Square Tie' I-band radar for surface search and anti-ship missile targeting; and a Type 347G 'Rice Lamp' I-band radar for AAA fire-control. The two Type 69A dual-30mm AAA guns are directed by a Type 88C optronic director.



The propulsion system consists of three SEMT-Pielstick diesels rated at 15,840hp. The boat has three shafts which provide a maximum speed of 33.5 knots.




Displacement: (full load) 520t
Dimensions: Length 65.4 m; Beam 8.4m, Draft 2.35m
Propulsion: 3 X SEMT-Pielstick diesels rated at 15,840hp; three shafts
Speed: Maximum 33.5 knots; Economic: 15 knots
Range: 3,200nm @ 18 knots
Crew: 75
Radar: Type 352E Square Tie; Surface search/SSM guidance; Type 347G (EFR-1) Rice Lamp; 37mm AAA fire-control
Fire-control: Type 88C optronic directors; 30mm AAA fire-control
Guns: 1 X Type 76A dual-37mm AAA gun, 180 rounds/min to 8.5km; weight of shell 1.42kg (or a Russian-made AK-176 single-76mm gun); 2 X Type 69 dual-30mm automatic AAA guns; 360~400 rounds/min to 4km for airborne targets
Missiles: 6 X YJ-8 anti-ship missile; active radar-homing to 150km at Mach 0.9, warhead 165kg, sea-skimming


排水量: (满载)520吨
尺寸: 长度 65.4米;宽 8.4米,吃水线 2.35米
推进: 3 额定15,840马力X SEMT-Pielstick柴油发动机;三轴
航速: 最大 33.5节;经济 15节
航程: 3,200海里@18节
乘员: 75名
雷达: 352E型‘方结’;水面搜索/SSM制导;347G(EFR-1)型‘谷灯’;37毫米AAA火控
火控: 88C型光电指示器;30毫米AAA火控
舰炮: 1 X 76A型 双管37毫米AAA炮,8.5公里 180发/分钟;炮弹重量 1.42公斤(或俄国制造AK-176型单管76毫米炮);2 X 69型30毫米自动AAA炮;对空目标以360~400发/分钟4公里射程
导弹: 6 X YJ-8 反舰导弹;主动雷达制导以0.9马赫速度射程150公里,弹头 165公斤,掠海模式

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