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With new radar and engines in sight, the B-52 gets ready for ‘largest modificat
    “There's a lot that can go wrong on the program management side,” Col. Louis Ruscetta, senior materiel leader of the B-52 division, said of the bomber's upcoming modernization. “We have to try to manage and reduce what can go wrong.". 22-08-31
China sprinting ahead as a space power while US lacks ‘urgency,’ new report f
    The report, based on a workshop involving industry, experts and Pentagon officials, is in part designed to promote what participants consider to be a "North Star" vision for America as leading human expansion into space beyond Earth.. 22-08-26
Naval Air: The Growing Chinese Carrier Force
    A month ago China formally launched and named its third aircraft carrier, the 80,000-ton Fujian (CV-18).. 22-07-20
Multi-domain operations demand multifunction sensors
    Emerging threats and complex challenges to situational awareness require a next generation of sensor systems.. 22-06-19
China launches third aircraft carrier in major military milestone
    The new carrier, named Fujian, is the “first catapult aircraft carrier wholly designed and built by China”, said state broadcaster CCTV.. 22-06-18
Don’t be dazzled by Russia’s laser weapons claims Experts
    WASHINGTON: Claims by a top Russian official that Moscow has unveiled a powerful new laser weapon prototype to attack drones and satellites being used in Ukraine should be taken with a boulder of salt, experts say.. 22-05-20
Electronic Weapons: Smaller, Cheaper E-7A Replaces Elderly E-3
    The U.S. Air Force has decided to replace its 31 elderly E-3 AWACS (Air Warning and Control) aircraft with the existing E-7A Wedgetail.. 22-05-06
For military spending to counter China, PDI tells only a small part of the story
    Lawmakers and taxpayers should know PDI is not reflective of the defense investment to counter the pacing challenge of China, AEI's Elaine McCusker writes.. 22-04-22
    Dragon's Fire: The PLA's 2nd Artillery Corps(1)  
        China possesses one of the largest land-based missile forces in the world. While intercontinental parity with the US or the USSR was never one of the goals of the PLA during the Cold War.... [2013-10-26]
    China’s Noisy Nuclear Submarines  
        China’s new Jin-class ballistic missile submarine is noisier than the Russian Delta III-class submarines built more than 30 years ago, according to a report produced by the U.S. Navy’s Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).... [2013-10-26]
    Estimated Nuclear Weapons Locations 2009  
        The world’s approximately 23,300 nuclear weapons are stored at an estimated 111 locations in 14 countries, according to an overview produced by FAS and NRDC.... [2013-10-26]
    The China Syndrome  
        Using stolen Russian technology, China is on its way to driving Russia out of the low-end weapons business. In turn, Russian attempts to maintain their status as a major developer of military technology are fumbling, largely because of the s... [2013-10-26]