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Space Force top priority for monitoring heavens: Seeing better the data it has
    Space Force's 18th Space Control Squadron was "re-designated" on April 13 as the "18th Space Defense Squadron," but will remain SPACECOM's key provider of space domain awareness.. 22-04-21
Air Transportation:China Less Way Behind
    The Chinese army currently has nearly a thousand helicopters. This includes 534 Attack/Recon helicopters and about 420 transports. . 22-02-04
China’s SJ-21 ‘tugs’ dead satellite out of GEO belt Trackers
    Updated Jan. 26, 2022 at 5:00 pm ET to include latest tracking data showing the coupled SJ-21 and Compass G2 separating.. 22-01-27
Enabling artificial intelligence on satellites
    With large new constellations of satellites (satellite swarms) forming a large mesh of interconnected nodes in a constantly moving dynamic global network, it is a huge challenge to orchestrate the communication traffic in an optimal way.. 22-01-27
China’s high-tech warplanes pose ‘big new threat’ to Taiwan
    The Global Times published a saber-rattling editorial Tuesday, calling the appearance of the J-16D fighters a “self-evident” message.. 22-01-25
China will continue to ‘modernize’ nuclear arsenal foreign ministry
    China Tuesday said it will continue to “modernize” its nuclear arsenal and called on the United States and Russia to reduce their stockpiles a day after global powers pledged to prevent such weapons spreading.. 22-01-13
Infantry:Software Enhanced Night Vision
    One area of tech that most improved troop capabilities was night-vision equipment, both for just enabling troops to better see at night and also for a new generation of electronic rifle scopes and sights that greatly improved weapon effectiv. 21-08-01
Winning:Let The Robots Take Care Of It
    The U.S. Navy has come up with a novel idea for using offensive mobile naval mines and a robotic submarine to plant them. This approach could even operate as an offensive weapon against Chinese submarines seeking to block access to the South. 21-07-30
    Dragon's Fire: The PLA's 2nd Artillery Corps(1)  
        China possesses one of the largest land-based missile forces in the world. While intercontinental parity with the US or the USSR was never one of the goals of the PLA during the Cold War.... [2013-10-26]
    China’s Noisy Nuclear Submarines  
        China’s new Jin-class ballistic missile submarine is noisier than the Russian Delta III-class submarines built more than 30 years ago, according to a report produced by the U.S. Navy’s Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).... [2013-10-26]
    Estimated Nuclear Weapons Locations 2009  
        The world’s approximately 23,300 nuclear weapons are stored at an estimated 111 locations in 14 countries, according to an overview produced by FAS and NRDC.... [2013-10-26]
    The China Syndrome  
        Using stolen Russian technology, China is on its way to driving Russia out of the low-end weapons business. In turn, Russian attempts to maintain their status as a major developer of military technology are fumbling, largely because of the s... [2013-10-26]