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ASN-104/105 Unmanned Reconnaissance Aerial Vehicle
    The ASN-104 (also known as D-4) tactical unmanned reconnaissance aerial vehicle (URAV) was developed by Xi'an ASN Technology Group Company, a commercial company of the Northwest Polytechnic University (NPU) in early 1980s.. 10-02-06
ASN-15 Unmanned Reconnaissance Aerial Vehicle
    The ASN-15 unmanned reconnaissance aerial vehicle (URAV) has been deployed by the PLA ground forces for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) roles.. 10-01-26
Ba-9 (ASN-9) Target Drone
    The Ba-9 (also known as ASN-9 in its manufacturer name) is a radioplane target drone developed by Xi'an ASN Technology Group Company of Northwest Polytechnic University (NPU).. 10-01-26
Ba-5 (Jian-5) Target Drone
    Additionally, the PLA Air Force is believed to be exploring the possibility of using the unmanned Ba-5 drone for ground attack role.. 10-01-23
Ba-2 Target Drone
    The Ba-2 is the low-altitude, low-speed radioplane target drone developed by Northwest Polytechnic University (NPU) in the 1960s for the antiaircraft gunnery and radar crews to conduct target practice.. 10-01-23
    Xianglong Unmanned Reconnaissance Aerial Vehicle  
        During the Air Show China 2006, the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC) unveiled the model of its “Xianglong” unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) concept. The UAV appeared to be a high-altitude, long-duration UAV for strategic reconnaissance ro... [2010-02-22]
    ASN-206/207 Unmanned Reconnaissance Aerial Vehicle  
        The ASN-206 is a lightweight, short-range, tactical multi-purpose unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) developed by Xi'an ASN Technology Group Company, a commercial company owned by Northwest Polytechnic University (NPU).... [2010-02-08]
    WuZhen-5 Unmanned Reconnaissance Aerial Vehicle  
        The WZ-5 is China’s first operational URAV and entered service with the PLAAF in 1981. The improved variant WZ-5A was introduced in 1999. BUAA is currently developing a new model as the WZ-5's successor.... [2010-02-21]
    Harpy Unmanned Aerial Vehicle  
        PLA acquired an unknown number of the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Harpy unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in 1994.... [2010-02-17]