DongFeng 41 (CSS-X-10) Intercontinental Ballistic Missile


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The DongFeng-41 (DF-41, NATO codename: CSS-X-10) is a further development variant of the 8,000km-range DF-31 ICBM. Intended to replace the existing DF-5 ICBM in the early 21st century, the DF-41 is fitted with an enlarged third-stage to provide a maximum range of 12,000km, enabling it to hit almost any point on the planet. The DF-41 project may have begun in the late 1980s but the development may have been postponed or even temporarily halted due to China’s improving security environment.

“东风”(DongFeng)-41(DF-41,北约代号:CSS-X-10)是8,000公里-射程DF-31型洲际弹道导弹(ICBM)的进一步发展。打算在21世纪早期替代已有的DF-5 ICBM,DF-41配备有一个被放大的第三-级提供最大射程12,000公里,使它能够几乎去打击地球上的任何地点。DF-41计划可能在1980年后期已经开始,但是发展可能已经被延期或由于中国改善安全环境甚至暂时停止。


While no information has been published concerning the design of the missile, the DF-41 is said to be similar in size to the Russian SS-25 Sickle and U.S. Minuteman ICBM. As with the DF-31, this system is very likely to incorporate key design features including road mobility, use of solid fuel propellant, MIRV and decoy technologies. With a payload of around 1,000kg, 3-6 re-entry vehicles are expected. Some reports suggested that the DF-41 development has now ceased and replaced by an enhanced DF-31 due to development difficulties and the improving security situations following the end of the Cold War.




Configuration: Three stage
Length: ~15m
Diameter: ~2m
Launch Weight: ~30,000kg
Propellant: Solid fuel
Guidance: Inertial + stella update (?)
Range: >12,000km
Deployment: Silo or mobile
Re-entry Vehicle Mass: ~1,000kg
Warhead: Multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicle (MIRV)
CEP: 700 to 800m
Launch Preparation Time: ~15 min


配置: 三级
长度: ~15 米
直径: ~2 米
发射重量: ~30,000 公斤
推进剂: 固体燃料
制导: 惯性 + 星形修正(?)
射程: >12,000 公里
配置: 发射井或机动装置
再入射运载装置质量: ~1,000 公斤
弹头: 多独立可命中目标再入射运载装置(MIRV)
圆概率误差(CEP): 700 到 800 米
发射准备时间: ~15 分钟

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