JuLang-2 (CSS-NX-4) Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile


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The JuLang 2 (NATO reporting name: CSS-NX-4) is the three-stage, solid-propellant submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) under development since the early 1990s to replace the first-generation JuLang 1 (CSS-N-3). The missile was scheduled to be carried by the Type 094 (Jin class) nuclear-powered missile submarine. Very little information is available regarding this highly classified weapon development programme. It is understood that the missile is a sea-based version of the DongFeng 31 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).


The JuLang 2 SLBM is said to have a maximum range of 8,000km and is capable of carrying 3~4 multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicles (MIRV), each with a yield of 90kt; or a single warhead of 25-~1,000kt yield. The JuLang 2 SLBM is an important step for China towards a credible sea-based nuclear retaliation capability.

巨浪-2 SLBM据说最大射程8,000公里并能携带3~4枚多弹头分导再入运载具(MIRV),每枚具有90 kt当量;或一枚25-~1,000 kt当量的单一弹头。巨浪-2 型SLBM是中国建立一个可靠海基核报复能力的一个重要步骤。


Official name: JuLang 2 (JL-2)
NATO reporting name: CSS-NX-4
Contractor: CASIC 4th Academy
Service status: In development
Configuration: Three-stage, solid propellant
Deployment: Submarine launch
Range: 7,000~8,000km


正式命名: 巨浪-2(JL-2)
北约代号: CSS-NX-4
承包商: 中国航天科技集团公司第四研究院(航天动力技术研究院)
服役状态: 在发展中
结构: 三级,固体推进剂
配置: 潜射
射程: 7,000~8,000 公里

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