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DARPA Selects Teams to Develop Lightweight, Enhanced Night Vision Goggles
    DARPA has selected 10 industry and university research teams for the Enhanced Night Vision in Eyeglass Form (ENVision) program.. 22-01-15
DOD’s Autonomous Vessel Sails Through Transit Test, Participates in Exercise Da
    A Ghost Fleet Overlord unmanned surface vessel, part of a partnership between the Defense Department’s Strategic Capabilities Office and the Navy, recently traveled a distance of more than 4,700 nautical miles, almost entirely autonomously. 21-01-16
Night-Vision Revolution: Less Weight, Improved Performance
    The ENVision program is designed to break the paradigm that increased performance can only be achieved by an increase in weight.. 21-01-14
Pakistan conducts successful test flight of Fatah-1 GMLRS
    Announcing the news on Twitter, the DG ISPR maintained that the weapon system is capable of delivering a conventional warhead upto a range of 140 kilometres.. 21-01-08
Robot dogs to enhance security at Tyndall AFB
    Tyndall AFB will be one of the first Air Force bases to implement semi-autonomous robot dogs into their patrolling regiment. . 20-11-19
Elbit Systems launches E-LynX-Sat – a portable tactical SATCOM system
    Elbit Systems has launched E-LynX-Sat, a compact satellite communications (SATCOM) add-on system.. 20-11-19
Next-generation headset preps Soldiers for future battlefield
    The project uses Soldier Centered Design (SCD) to evaluate the IVAS military fighting goggle through operational evaluations. . 20-11-18
Boeing, US Navy to Demo Future Ramjet Missile Technology
    Boeing [NYSE: BA] and the U.S. Navy will demonstrate advanced missile technologies that will make carrier air wing strike fighters more lethal against threats into the next decade.. 20-10-22
    China may have F-22 rival by 2018  
        China is building an advanced combat jet that may rival within eight years Lockheed Martin Corp’s F-22 Raptor, the premier US fighter, a US intelligence official said.... [2013-10-26]
    Save The Forests For The Invading Chinese  
        So the Indian Defense Ministry is appealing to the senior government leadership for help in getting past bureaucrats from other ministries, to allow hundreds of kilometers of new roads to be quickly built.... [2013-10-26]
    US, India discuss China’s military power  
        India and the US have engaged in talks over China’s upgraded 2.25-million-strong armed forces and its strategic maneuvers in the Asia-Pacific region.... [2013-10-26]
    Avoiding Another Pearl Harbor  
    美媒:提防朝鲜 避免再一个“珍珠港”
        North Korea recently announced the it has formed a Taepodong 1 missile division. This is another way of saying that they are ready to attack American bases in Japan and Guam. This is not a big problem for American troops.... [2013-10-26]